Is there a DMV scam going around? Yep. We never seem to run low on scams. 
In the press release it states: The fraudulent text messages are carefully crafted to mislead taxpayers into believing they are official communications from the DMV. Scammers usually try to get you to give up personal information, because the info on file is not "up-to-date" and you can simply follow the link provided to update your contact information.
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Depending on the scam, you can get a phone full of malware, have your identity stolen or deal with substantial financial fraud.
Do not click on any links sent to you in a text message, and do not give out your personal info or social security number.
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On the Aura website it states, "Here's the number one thing you need to know to avoid DMV text message scams: It's a scam if: You receive an unsolicited text claiming to be from the DMV." The DMV does not send unsolicited texts, emails, or phone calls. They will not threaten you or offer you any FREE money.
Be safe and spread the word to those who you think may fall victim to this type of scam.
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Play with us! You can win a getaway to the Eureka Resort in Mesquite, Nevada by playing a childhood game on the radio station. The game is Battleship, and the radio station is Cat County Utah with DJ & Aaronee. You can find the radio station at 107.3 in St. George and 94.9 EVERYWHERE in Southern Utah.


Monday-Friday mornings around 8am, DJ & Aaronee will kickoff Battleship! It's as simple as calling in and taking a guess. If you get a HIT on the battleship, you get another guess. If you MISS, we're onto the next caller. Whoever has the shot that SINKS the battleship WINS THE PRIZE! So far, three prizes have been won on Cat Country Utah, but the big one is still there!


This is only ONE game that's played with DJ & Aaronee, and everyday a new game is played!

  • High Low- They pick a number 1-100. If you guess the number correct on the first guess, you win 10 prizes. A correct guess on the second guess, 9 prizes and so on. After each guess, we tell you if the number is HIGHER or LOWER. If there's no correct answer after 10 guesses, nobody wins!
  • Freakin' Liar- DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them a simple question. The caller decides to tell the truth or lie. After questions are answered, DJ & Aaronee say if the caller is telling the truth, or if they're a FREAKIN' LIAR! If you stump both the hosts, you win two prizes, if you stump one of the hosts, you win one prize. If you stump NEITHER of the hosts... you still win a prize.
  • Guessing Weight- On Friday mornings, DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them very simple questions about their life. After 90 seconds, they'll take a guess at how much you weigh. If the hosts are within 5 pounds of your weight, they win! You win a prize either way. Listeners can also text in what THEY believe the callers weight is, and if they're the closest guess, they win a prize.
  • What's That Movie?- All things movies. A quote from a movie, a song from a movie, characters from a movie, first caller to get the correct answer wins!
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    Games are played around 7:40am each morning!

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