There is a big change this year for driver license exams in the state of Utah.

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Catherine Yeulet

You don't have to take the exam in English.

The new law went into effect Jan 1, 2023 and it states that those with minimal English skills may take the test in another language.

This also applies to renew your Class D licenses. This has been a big debate in Utah with one side of the argument citing drivers need to know how to read in English to be able to read street signs and warning reader board signs for freeways and construction areas, and the opposing side saying that speed limits are already understood and warning signs still give a heads up that there is caution needed.

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Utah will now provide exams in the top five spoken languages in the state. This list is not what I would have guessed it to be. Check out the top five languages:

optical form of an examination with pencil and eraser


2. Chinese

3. German

4. Austronesian

5. Portuguese

If you are like me, I looked at this list and had no idea what people Austronesian referred to. So I did a quick google search and here is what it said;

Male stupid face european driver is opening his mouth
The Austronesian Linguistic Family belongs to Malay race. Originally from Taiwan the people are the most widely spread ethnic group in the world. The range starts from Madagascar in Southeast Africa across the Indian Ocean to Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean and from Taiwan in the north to New Zealand in the south.
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For more information on the new drivers license law, you can look up

Modifications to Driver’s License Exams (SB 206)

Sponsored by Sen. Luz Escamilla and Rep. Robert Spendlove


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