What are the best desserts here in Utah? You know, the ones that are at every BBQ, family reunion and block party. Here in southern Utah we love our Dixie salad and many voters thought that Dixie Salad should be in the top 3 but it didn't quite make it to the finals. We did a poll on Cat Country 107.3 & 94.9 and asked what dessert Utah is known for.

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We got the typical green Jell-O answers but we also got some interesting answers I didn't think would be in the top three. There's nothing more American than apple pie but that didn't even make the top 10. I was really rooting for brownies but it came in 4th. So close! Totally all the votes, here is what made it to the top three....

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#3 Peach Cobbler

Coming in 3rd is peach cobbler. But not just any old peach cobbler, Dutch oven peach cobber! Now I don't do cooked fruit but I do like the flavored cake. 😁 Throw on some vanilla ice cream and it is a dream.

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#2 Jell-O Salad

Now this one is hard to nail down because Utah is known to be the Jell-O state and there are MANY versions of Jell-O salad. The version that made it into the top 3 was the "pink Jell-O salad."  It is kind of an old fashion recipe. You can check it out here: Pink Jell-O Salad

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#1 Rice Crispy Treats

This one was highly debated because some people thought that it didn't qualify as a dessert but more of a treat and that the categories should be separated. In the end we decided that with extra butter and double the marshmallows Utah's version of Rice Crispy Treats are the Ultimate dessert! Many of our listeners said they added in things like butterscotch or chocolate to take it over the top.

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