What are the weirdest things found in Utah public restrooms? There are plenty. I was actually shocked when I got the answers to this question. I compiled a list and tried to keep it clean, but these are restrooms. Apparently everyone thinks that what happens in the restroom, stays in the restroom. I wish that were true, and that you kept it to your own stall, and cleaned up after yourself.

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#1 Squatting over a drain to go?

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So you walk into the restroom and there is a lady squatting over the drain to go. She just couldn't wait any longer. What do you do? Give her, her dignity back! Just politely turn around and exit the restroom and don't go back in until she has left the building.

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Poor lady. I can't even imagine how embarrassed she was, but I guess the relief was worth it. Commenter Sue Abbiss, said the lady did keep apologizing. Bless her heart. Wait, Sue you stayed in there????

Preston Meldrum said he caught a guy using the urinal for an unintended use, if you catch my drift.

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Poor guy couldn't wait for a toilet stall to open up and then had to make direct eye contact with everyone who entered the restroom.

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#2 Car seat full of drugs

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This was my personal story. I waitressed at a restaurant on State Street in downtown SLC, UT (The business is now closed.) and I walked in to clean the restrooms and I'm pretty sure I foiled a drug deal. Car seat full of drugs. I just walked out and told my manager.

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Plenty other commenters said they found things like a crack pipe in a park restroom and someone actually doing crack in a grocery store restroom.

#3 Ladies underwear in the men's restroom. 

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I have no idea what was going on in there but you can get rid of your evidence a lot better than that! Kyle Murphy said there was discarded, used, women's panties in the men's room. Come on. Wrap it up or hide it under some paper towels. Unless.....you were bragging about it somehow.

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#4 Not sure how no toilet paper = poop on the floor

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If you guessed this was in a Wal-Mart restroom give yourself 10,000 bonus points because you are correct. An anonymous friend said they have seen too many of these types of stories to count while working at Wally World.

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I am pretty sure that YOU are the most qualified person to clean up after yourself. eeeeewww.

#5 What the? No Doors?

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I already thought that guys using urinals and chit chatting was super strange. But no doors on the toilet stalls either? That is a whole new level of NOPE.

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If you are ok with sitting and talking to some strangers while going,  then I am sure you are elated with a toilet like this.......

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#6 A Chicken.

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hahahahah a chicken??? I would die laughing. That is the strangest thing I think I would see in a restroom. Tricia Jensen, I need the whole story!  Why was it there? I REALLY hope this wasn't at a restaurant.

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#7 And... a bonus one.

This one is hilarious but it isn't in Utah. It is somewhere between Utah and California. Our commenter Chantelle Murdock, couldn't remember where her family stopped. But, check out this fountain for peeing.

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I had several people say that all of the men just stand at the fountain and all pee into it. Very posh and the scenery is lovely.

If you've found weirder, comment so we can hear your story!


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