Ready to win? Let's do this! Hi, I am Aaronee from Cat Country Utah.  Here is a little back story: 

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I was putting together a treasure hunt for my family reunion and I forgot to get the filler rocks and gems for the bottom of our treasure chest. I took to social media to find the best place to go and not spend an arm and a leg for some stuff that looks great! I already had the cheaper stuff for the younger kids but I wanted the older kids treasure to look legit. (I'll do a separate post about my whole treasure hunt later.)


So many people told me to go to Dixie Rocks and Fossils. I didn't even know they existed. They were about 2 mins from work. I finally made it to go look and I spent WAY too long there. I was in heaven. They have the coolest rocks, crystals, jewelry and treasures. I am telling you, if you want to make the coolest treasure chests ever, go there now!

We do a large treasure chest for all of the kids to go find and then each kid is going to put their own treasure in their own small treasure chest! It's gonna be great. Here is an example of what you can do.


We will also have some ring suckers, plastic jewelry and other stuff but the real treasure will go into the chest! 

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Dixie Rocks and Fossils is so nice and donated some items to giveaway! We are going to give a small treasure chest away. We are also going to give another beautiful stone away:


It is a large Rose Quartz with a stand and it is worth $100!


We have some of the coolest shops in southern Utah here locally.


To get entered to win just text "Treasure" To the Cat Country Utah Line @ 435-674-7014 and you could win either one of these treasures. Good luck!

At Dixie Rocks and Fossils-
They have two crystal/rock shops in town (Dixie Rocks and Fossils
& Earth's Treasures Crystal Shop)
They will be relocating Earth's Treasures Crystal Shop to:
 558 E. Riverside Drive  Suite #105 (Rio Plaza)
St. George
Their biggest sellers are semi-precious stone jewelry and crystals of all types and sizes
They also have some specialty items we carry include:
Jewelry, crystals, fossils, singing bowls, incense and a ton of stuff for kids.
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