Have you ever had the desire to actually STAY in a haunted hotel?! No thanks! Not for me! However, I've been around this hotel for the better part of 32 years and have refused to enter the building. This hotel is Moore's Old Pine Inn in Marysvale, Utah!


According to HauntedHouses.com, they've said the following about the spirits at Moore's Old Pine Inn: "The original inn building has a houseful of benign, friendly female spirits and two child entities, who have attached themselves to this historic structure; because of their life experiences with this building, Former owners of a commercial business like an inn or a pub, may have strong attachments to the building, and choose to stay and try to spend their afterlife there, getting along and sharing with the living who now occupy the space, or own their own business located there. Former guests of a commercial business, like an inn, also enjoy coming back to their favorite earthly place that gave them much pleasure and positive feelings while they were alive; when they were far from their home base, and missing family. As some of the original furniture or historical artifacts as well are used at the inn in various rooms, it is possible that an entity or two may have attached themselves to the special item that meant so much to them while they were alive. Before modern medicine practices and vaccines, the death toll was high from childbirth gone bad, sudden accidents or disease epidemics that swept through towns; taking the lives of people of all ages unexpectedly. Human beings who die in this way, like to continue on in their lives where they were living, not ready to give up in this world just yet."


Guests have also reported seeing "Multiple female entities sitting on the front porch talking and enjoying each other's company!"

Moore's Old Pine Inn is located at 110 S Main Street Marysvale, Utah 84750.

Do you believe? Would you ever stay?

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