News to me but, apparently Utah is one of the more affordable places to live in the U.S.

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 Choosing to live in an affordable place while working less has become popular for a few reasons. First, it's a way to balance life better – folks can cut down on work hours, have more time for themselves and their families, and dodge the stress of demanding jobs. Second, it's a chance to chase dreams or hobbies without cash worries.

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By living somewhere cheaper, people can take on jobs they love even if they pay less, like exploring art or volunteering. It's like a break from the grind to focus on what matters. This approach is also handy for those starting new careers or businesses. With lower living costs, folks can experiment without the pressure of making big money right away. In a nutshell, living cheaply to work less lets people live on their own terms, be it to follow passions, try fresh career paths, or just enjoy more downtime.

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Property Club compiled this list based mostly on the average home prices but proximity of amenities and fun things to do make it a great well-rounded list.

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Cedar City

Nestled in the southwest corner of Utah, you'll find Cedar City, an affordable gem among the state's cities. Positioned at an elevation of approximately 5,800 feet, this city rests by the Coal Creek's entrance. The landscape around Cedar City is a mix of mountains and deserts, gifting its population of around 37,000 with a wide array of outdoor activities. Notably, Cedar City is renowned for hosting Southern Utah University and the Shakespearean Festival, which play pivotal roles in sustaining the local economy. With average home values hovering around $403k, Cedar City maintains its affordability, adding to the diverse beauty of Utah's southwestern region.

Here is the full list of the top 9:

9 Cheapest Places to Live in Utah
4.Washington Terrace
5.Cedar City
7.Brigham City

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