With fires, hurricanes and earthquakes all hitting in the last few weeks, there is a lot of doomsday talk going around. But there is no need to over react. There are a few things you can do to keep clam if you find yourself feeling stressed thinking about all of the natural disasters that have happened. 

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Sometimes these are the questions that run through my brain: What if it's the end of the world? What if there is no food shipments coming to southern Utah anymore? What if what we have right now is all we are gonna get? So I have decided to be a little more prepared and I feel a lot better.

Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson
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After prepping the basics for a while, I now feel prepared for survival. What if a major oil tanker crashes, explodes and takes out the freeway? I have stored away the basic necessities like food, water, medicine/herbs and toiletries, so my anxiety is subdued.

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As a southern Utah community, we tend to be a little more prepared for disasters than the average US household. Whether it is because of the guidance of the predominate religion in the area or because we just collect people that love to prep, it is estimated that our area could last a couple of weeks without deliveries to our local grocery stores. That is phenomenal! Most places in the US wouldn't last a week on the items they have in the house. 2 weeks is a good start but that doesn't mean it will be comfortable or that some panic won't set in, but still good none the less.


Thinking about apocalyptic disasters can be scary.  If you are prepared then these type of thoughts don't mortify you....completely. You can start right now. Just start with some dried food and some water and you will start to feel better. Start small and make a list of foods that store well and stock up on water. Make sure to store any medicines that you can so you feel more prepared.

Here is a great list to get you started! Food storage for a year.

Take and store your vitamins, say your prayers, start getting the essentials in your home, and you will feel a lot better. Happy prepping!

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