I am looking for the BEST Oil Change in all of southern Utah. Where is it?

Here is the criteria:

  1. Friendly Service
  2. Timely Service
  3. Best Deal

Here are the details:

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Friendly Service- I love going into a shop that will actually acknowledge when I come in and will look at me while talking and explain everything to me, without acting like I am dumb or trying to take advantage of me. If you are too busy to do this then hire someone who can have time to do this and your business will boom. I do understand that hiring can be tough but this position at the front of the house it extremely important for your business.

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Timely Service- This does not have to mean that you can get me in for an oil change when I walk in. But you should have something available within a day or two. I understand that I should expect to make an appointment. However, if I drop by to check when you can get me in and you act like I am burdening you by asking simple questions, I am going to go elsewhere.

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Best Deal- Recently I dropped my car off for a quick oil change and was shocked to find out how much they were charging. My husband usually does our oil changes so it has been a while since I have had to pay for someone else to do it. I am all for supporting local business and the business setting their price for what they think they are worth. However, when I know it only took you 20 minutes to do my oil change and I know how much my oil is, it is rough for me to pay more than $75 per 20 minutes of labor for my oil change with NO filter. WOW! And that was after I found an online coupon for $10 off!

So, if you know the perfect business in southern Utah that fits all of this criteria, Let me know. I want to give them special recognition on line and On-air on Cat Country Utah. All nominators will go into a drawing for 2 Lagoon tickets for this season! To nominate, just shoot me an email@: Aaronee@townsquaremedia.com


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