A bumper sticker is a wonderful way to show that you're funny, annoying, or a cringy parent. I don't suggest ever putting a political bumper sticker in your car, unless you love being a target for some car vandalism.

Here are some PERFECT Bumper Stickers for anyone living in Southern Utah!

Dixie Rock:

attachment-dixierock bumper sticker

 This is perfect for you if you're from St. George, and you love history. Also, if you NEVER want to see anything change in the city.

The Mom of 8:

attachment-pregnant easily

 Do you ever see these stickers on someone's car, and there's like 12 kids? My first thought is: "OH MY! GET OFF OF HER!" But this one is perfect for you if you hate tailgaters, and you're also always pregnant.

We've All Been There:

attachment-cafe rio squirts

 Come on... If you've lived in Southern Utah, you've experienced this! EVERYBODY MOVE! I'm white-knuckling it on I-15 after that Sweet Pork Burrito!

That Judgy Neighbor:

attachment-telling your bishop

 Everyone in town has that one (or twelve) judge neighbors that stare at you sidewise when they see you bringing groceries into the house on Sunday. Buy this one for her!

Very On-Brand For Utah:

attachment-flip you off ctr

 Have you ever been flipped off by someone that looks like your Great Grandma? It's totally shocking. How about being flipped off by the Bishop's wife?!

No Changes:

attachment-greater zion my dixie

 You came to St. George because you loved it here... but you're also wanting to change it to the place you left. That doesn't make much sense, does it?

Kate's Banana Bread:

attachment-willing to die for banana bread

 If you've been in St. George for a bit, you've probably heard of Kate's Banana Bread. She's a local girl that started selling Banana Bread off the side of the road and now she's selling out every week! Her banana bread SLAPS! 

Proceed With Caution:

attachment-sunriver resident stay back

 I'm just saying... this would be a nice little warning. You never know when a sudden U-Turn is going to happen!


attachment-ctr lane

 Let's remember this guys... The left lane is for PASSING, not for traveling. CHOOSE THE RIGHT LANE and we'll all be okay!

Love Doesn't Exist:

attachment-josh and marci

 This summer, all of Southern Utah believed in love when Marci was searching for a Superman-looking bald man named Josh. After 3 weeks of searching we found Josh... and HE WAS HAPPILY MARRIED! UGH! Love doesn't exist, does it?!

The Most Annoying Person on I-15:

attachment-speed up if you pass me

 EVERYONE has seen this before. It doesn't matter what lane they're in, if you try to pass them, they'll speed up and not allow it. If you're going 65, they're going 65. If you're going 90, they're going 90. I don't understand this game!

Interchangable Last Name:


If you have a certain last name in Southern Utah, you are exempt from certain laws. We're using the last name "ENCE" as an example here. This also applies to Larsen's, Nielson's, Staheli's, Leavitt's and Gublers!

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