Who's in the mood for some TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN CUISINE?

It's time for Island Grinds. They're located at 1973 W Sunset Blvd in St. George next to Little Caesars, near the Albertson's grocery store!


Walking inside, the restaurant was clean and simple with island music playing back in the kitchen. My friend and I got there at around 6:15 and there was hardly ANYBODY inside the restaurant. No wait to order!


You order at the front, find a table, and when your food is ready they'll shout out your name. It's a very chill, laid back environment!



Both, Brayden and myself ordered the same meal: Teriyaki Beef-Regular Plate. The meal includes teriyaki beef, two scoops of white rice, and a scoop of macaroni salad, with a couple little containers of teriyaki sauce.

Brayden doesn't like the macaroni salad, so he gets 3 scoops of white rice.
I LOVE the macaroni salad, so I order an extra side of it!


I like to drench my teriyaki beef in MORE teriyaki sauce, and I smother both scoops of rice in the teriyaki sauce.



DJ: The teriyaki beef was tender, and full of flavor. I like it best with lots of teriyaki sauce dripping off it (It's a very thin, runny teriyaki sauce). It's the star of the meal, but the white rice is AWESOME with the sauce on it. Without the sauce, it's a little dry and would be hard to swallow. The Macaroni salad is SO GOOD, and again... Tastes a little better with Teriyaki sauce! 8/10
I'm not a fan of their Mac Salad, so I went with 3 scoops of rice instead of 2 with Mac Salad. The beef was good and flavorful, but had some fat. Rice was good, but rice is rice. Hard to mess up. 8/10.

Likelihood of going back:

DJ: I think this is the BEST Hawaiian food in Southern Utah. Better than Honolulu Grill, and Mo Bettah's. The Mac Salad doesn't have big hunks of carrots in it. 10/10.

Brayden: I don't think it's better than Mo Bettah's or Honolulu Grill. 7/10.

What do you think? Is it the best Hawaiian Food in Southern Utah?

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