Durango's Mexican Grill has been a staple in Southern Utah for around 20 years now. They've been in the same building for the entirety of their life. They've also tried opening locations in Hurricane and Northern Utah... both failed somehow. Within the last few years, the Gubler family, who started Durango's has sold the businesses. When restaurants change ownership, it's common for the flavor to slip. With Durango's being one of my BIG 4 restaurants in St. George, I'm really hoping that's not the case here. But over the last couple weeks I've heard multiple reports of the food not being as great.


On Saturday, I ordered Durango's to-go to test the flavor. My order was a Sweet Pork Burrito with Lime Rice and Black beans in a flour tortilla with Mild Sauce. I opted for NO LETTUCE OR PICO. I also ordered a Cheese Quesadilla with Lime Rice. With both orders I had their Spicy Tomatillo Dressing, as well. 


I jumped right into the Burrito first and THANK HEAVENS... The flavor was the same! It was just as good as I've always remembered. The meat was juicy, the rice and beans were good, and the sauce made it real wet. I like a wet burrito like that. Adding the Spicy Tomatillo Dressing on top totally ups the flavor, but brings in a lot of spice. If you're not ready for spice, stay away from the dressing.


The Cheese Quesadilla was good too! I will say though, make sure you eat the Cheese Quesadilla first! Once it cools down, it's not as good as when it's fresh. You want the cheese to still be melty. But with the quesadilla, you HAVE to have the dressing. It's naked without it!

The only downside I had for this meal was the price. Granted, everything has raised in price, so I understand. But for the burrito, quesadilla meal, and dressings... my total was $23.00. I was expecting it to be closer to maybe $16. The prices have definitely jumped up lately, which kind of sucks because you used to be able to get Durango's for LOTS cheaper than Cafe Rio and Costa Vida.

However, at the end of the day... I can safely report that Durango's STILL SLAPS!


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