For several years the fastest growing large city in Utah was St. George. Good news is, that title has been stolen by another Utah city.

The St. George area is still one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas. With an influx of people relocating from surrounding states, our road and water infrastructure has been stretched to the max. But here is some good news! St. George City proper is no longer the fastest growing large city in the state of Utah. According the 2022 census, St. George, Utah has actually dropped to 3rd on the list of fastest growing Large Cities (by percentage) in Utah.

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#3 St George, Utah

St. George is beautiful (look at those colors!) with plenty of national and state parks close by and very mild winters, which is why so many people were flocking to the city especially during the covid shut down. St. George City is up 2.3% in the last year and that is approximately 2,339 People.

Fun Fact*St. George is the 7th largest city in Utah and the most populated city outside of the Wasatch Front.

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#2 South Jordan, Utah

South Jordan is 2nd on the list, coming in at a growth of 4.3% in the last year with approximately 3,411 new residents.

Fun Fact* South Jordan, Utah was the first city in the world with two LDS temples. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints first built the Jordan River Utah Temple, and then the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple was built. Now Provo, Utah also has two LDS temples.

And the #1 city with the fastest growth for a large city in Utah is...

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#1 Lehi, Utah

Whaaa? That is not a city even on my radar that would be the fastest growing in Utah.

With 5.6% growth in the last year Lehi has added 4,456 new residents.

Fun fact* Lehi Roller Mill is where part of the movie Footloose was filmed.

Movie gif. A party rages and confetti falls as Kevin Bacon as Ren in Footloose twirls, then shrugs confidently and straightens his bowtie. The crowd around him applauds.Kevin Bacon Dance GIF by Joseph Fontinha

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I went to the very first Tarzan show at Tuacahn Amphitheater May 20th. The weather was perfect, it was beautiful with a lot of green and flowers in full bloom. While we stood waiting to get in to go to our seats I could smell all of the delicious food that they offer now at Tuacahn.


 I could not pass up on the candy nuts that smell like Christmas. I opted for the pecans and they did not disappoint. We sat on the right side of the stage about half way up and there was a little bit of obstructed view, so we missed the ship that was sailing toward the stage but we did get to see the water come down and flood the stage. It is still cool even though I've seen it happen quite a few times in different shows and season.


One of the cool things that happens in live theater, when you get a grateful audience, is the cheering on of the actors and show crew. The second the water hit the stage the audience cheered. I knew it was going to be a good show. When you go to a preview show, they tell you that they could stop the show at any point to correct things of fix cues or adjust props. Not much of that had to happen because the audience cheered even when the scene didn't go exactly right. At one point in the musical, young Tarzan is trying to show off his ingenious invention that is supposed to spear fruit off of a vine while he is swinging high off the ground. He could not get the prop to work right and just kept trying to "stab" the fruit with his spear. Finally the got the fruit to break loose and it fell all the way to the stage. the actors playing Tarzan and Turk, went on as if that is exactly how it was supposed to happen and the audience cheered again. It was a perfect metaphor for life. If everyone around us is trying their best and working hard then we should appreciate it and cheer them on. Even if nothing goes as planned. ♥ Go enjoy a show at Tuacahn. If you cannot afford tickets make sure you listen to DJ & Aaronee in the morning on Cat Country 107.3 & 94.9 

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