Today, we all learned that Legendary Game Show Host, Bob Barker has passed away at age 99. A dream for MANY growing up is to compete on the Price Is Right and meet Mr. Bob Barker! Well, this dream QUICKLY became a reality for Jamie Nelson Holt, a St. George native. Here's her story!


23 years ago, Jamie showed up in Burbank in hopes of being a contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT! She showed up with a group of friends wearing matching T-Shirts! "We were rather obnoxious in line, but ended up making so many friends! I made sure the producers saw me!" Jamie's husband stayed back at the hotel with their baby and gave her some parting words "I'm going to be embarrassed if you get on national tv looking like that!" Well... That's exactly what happened! Jamie was the 2nd name called to contestant row during the initial 'Coming on down'. On her first bid, someone bid $1 more than her on a TV, and they won. But she was the correct bidder on the 2nd item, an armoire, and Jamie finally made her way onto the stage! Suddenly, Jamie was playing for A BRAND NEW CAR!


To win the car, Jamie was playing The Dice Game. The way this game works, they give you the first number for the price of the car, then you roll the dice, and guess HIGHER or LOWER than the number you just rolled. Jamie unbelievably rolled ALL 1's and 6's except for her LAST ROLL... 4. "I thought all cars prices end in 5 so I said 'Higher!'" She was right! She just won the brand new car!


With all the excitement, Jamie forgot that she got to spin the wheel next, but the producers told her to get ready for it! Again... Unbelievably, she got the highest score on the wheel... by a nickel! She's now in the Showcase Showdown!


Once in the Showcase Showdown, the contestant PASSED to her, and he overbid on his. Jamie DID NOT overbid on hers. SHE WON THE ENTIRE SHOW! TWO CARS. She won $36,554 in prizes and paid $11,000 in taxes! She won a drum set, an armoire, a washer and dryer set, a Ford Escort, and a Ford Taurus. Jamie also won Palmolive Detergent which she never received.

She returned to her husband and baby 14 hours later, but her husband was quick to forgive her when he learned how much they won!

After the taping, Jamie was asked to be interviewed backstage with Bob Barker on The Today Show!

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