You've probably heard from your family or your friends to DUMP THAT BOYFRIEND! These are the guys you need to break-up with before they propose and then you're stuck with them!

Guys that have punched a wall in their house:

Drywall ain't cheap! But he probably just shotgunned a Monster Energy. Stop giving him excuses as to why he punched the wall. Was he mad at a video game? Instant Break-Up right there. We're not going into 2023 with that energy. Was he mad at something YOU did? GET OUT! RUN! BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys that wear suspenders AND a belt:

Buddy... It's suspenders OR belt. NEVER BOTH! What are we doing?! Nothing drives me crazier than the suspenders-belt-combo. BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys that have all of his empty alcohol bottles on display above his cupboards:

Why? WHY? Nothing makes you look more of an alcoholic than 18 empty bottles of Fireball on display as decor. You take too much pride in how much you can drink. Makes no sense. BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys whose bed is just a mattress with no sheets on the ground:

Look... I know that bed frames can be kinda pricey... NO SCREW THAT! YOU CAN FIND ONE ON MARKETPLACE RIGHT NOW FOR $20 BUCKS! GET A BED! AND PUT SOME SHEETS ON IT! Gross! I hate the feeling of a bare mattress on my skin! That guy is NOT READY to be a husband and a dad! BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys who have dirty dishes under their bed:

My Grandma, Mary once told me something that I STILL think about to this day... If you're dating someone... Look under their bed. It will tell you everything you need to know about them. You may find some things that can be pretty shocking. Dirty magazines, adult toys, disgusting old underwear with skidmarks, or dishes with something growing on it! Just trust me on this one. BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys who REEK of Axe Body Spray:

We're not 13 anymore, there's no excuse for this one. If his "Cologne" is Axe Body Spray, I just feel bad for you and I'm SHOCKED you're still dating him. Even writing this, I can smell it and feel like I'm walking down the halls of Pine View Middle School right now! BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys who make you unfollow someone that you've never dated or even kissed:

If he's going through your friends/followers and forces you to unfollow friends of yours because they make him "uncomfortable"... HIM! YOU'RE ALLOWED TO HAVE FRIENDS THAT AREN'T HIM! BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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Guys that screams at the TV at a public sports bar:

Look... I'm a sports fan! I get passionate. But NOT ONCE have I ever yelled at a TV in public while people are eating dinner. That's not normal. Plus... We know why he's doing it. To show everyone in the restaurant how smart he is and how much he knows about that sport. We get it bud, you know the sport. RELAX, I'm trying to eat my chicken tendies. BREAK UP WITH HIM!

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But in all seriousness... If you're in a relationship that is scary, and you want to get out of but you're scared about how... Here is the National Domestic Abuse Hotline:

National Domestic Violence Hotline (@ndvh) / Twitter

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