Below is a post on Reddit from 2 years ago that my co-host DJ happened to see and tell me about on-air on Cat Country Utah. He thinks that I am ridiculous with animals and bugs so he thought it was right up my alley.
DJ & Aaronee
DJ & Aaronee

Here is the post : Reddit No Stupid Questions katdunks
 "How can I thank a spider who has been in my home for months helping with insects? (Serious)"

" Basically what the title says. I had a severe insect issue until my spider friend came around. It's been a few months and they are still here taking care of insects for me. I used to hate spiders but I've come to appreciate them since I need help with pest control.

Is there a way I could help make it more comfortable or say thank you somehow? I'd also like to learn more about common household spiders from an any educational site but I'm not sure where to start or what is best. Google can be overwhelming. I know this sounds crazy but it's the least I can do for them for helping out. Thank you."

attachment-Untitled design (87)

At first I was thinking, "How many freaking bugs did you have in your house?" Then I remembered not all of us are blessed with living in the dry heat of the western desert.

attachment-Imagine your spider THIS happy! (1)

I think to show gratitude to your, now pet, spider would be as simple as naming them and talking to them and feeding them. But as soon as I started reading some of the responses on the article,  I was shown up 10 fold.

The replies were AMAZING! Here are some examples:

attachment-Make yourself comfortable! (1)
 "Say, "thank you" and don't squish him. Maybe compliment his web, but keep your distance and hopefully he'll do the same. You've already shown your appreciation by noticing his presence and leaving him alone to chill and eat bugs."
Words of affirmation: Oooo complimenting is a nice touch. I bet the spider would love that.
attachment-Thank you Spidey! (1)
 "Make it a little Employee of the Month poster."
Creative acts of service/gifts: Make sure you put the poster on display for ALL to see. Well, maybe that would give bugs too much of a heads up and the cute spider wouldn't get any more good meals? I'll have to really think hard about this one.
attachment-Imagine your spider THIS happy!
saraphilipp "Play some kenny g, dim the lights and feed it a nice juicy fly."
Gifts and Time: There is absolutely NO WAY your spider would not feel your gratitude if you played some Kenny G and severed up a juicy dinner.
attachment-Imagine your spider THIS happy! (2)
" A thank you card is always appreciated."
Thoughtful words of affirmation: It's true! A heartfelt note is always appreciated.
What are your ideas? Let me know at
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Businesses in Utah, like Walmart and Target, are grappling with a major issue: theft. Customers using the "five-finger discount" are causing significant financial headaches for both small and large companies.

attachment-Untitled design (83)

Just last year, stores across the United States faced a staggering $112.1 billion in losses due to retail theft. To put that into perspective, imagine having $112.1 billion – you could purchase over 112,000 million dollar homes in Southern Utah! That's a substantial amount of money.

attachment-This is about the size of a million dollar home in Southern Utah

If you've been shopping at Walmart, TJ Max or Target in Utah, you've probably noticed certain items locked behind cases, requiring staff assistance for purchase. Video games and perfume are common examples, secured behind plexiglass.

attachment-Untitled design (82)

Now, even playing cards are often tucked away. But here's the kicker – there's a new addition to the list of secured items, and it's a lot stranger than Pokemon cards or the latest Tom Ford perfume.

attachment-Untitled design (84)

 Believe it or not, it's underwear. Yep, theft is now prompting businesses to lock up underwear due to its increasing pilferage. 

attachment-Untitled design (86)

More and more items are being placed behind plexiglass by businesses needing to safeguard their investments. 

attachment-Untitled design (85)

It's usually the items that can be easily placed in socks, pockets, hoodies or in the waistband of your pants. Theft makes the price go up for those who actually work hard and try to be good decent people. Please report theft to the local authorities and the store management.

attachment-DJ & Aaronee Caricature

Aaronee LOVES the country lifestyle. She has a great little farm with Alpacas, goats, dogs, cats and chickens! So yes, some.....stuff on her boots. ;) Aaronee's playlist has everything from Reba & Brooks & Dunn to Rascal Flatts & Garth to Miranda Lambert & Laney Wilson to Kane Brown & Morgan Wallen. She loves them all. ♥ Get her some chips and salsa or tater tots and a root beer float and she is set. She loves chatting on social media so make sure to hit her up on the Cat Country Utah Facebook page!

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attachment-No Utah Cities (9)

These Are The 8 Most Stolen Items From Walmart in Utah

What gets stolen the most at Utah Walmart's?

attachment-No Utah Cities (8)

It makes all of our prices go up. It get my blood boiling. I'll breathe and you can read. Here is the list of the top 8:

attachment-No Utah Cities (1)
  1. - Cosmetics
    Y'know, there are some real good drugstore brands out there, but swiping stuff like lipstick, perfume, mascara, compacts, and hair dye, isn't the way to go.
attachment-No Utah Cities (2)

2 - Small Electronics
When it comes to small electronics, from basic watches to fancy smartphones and headphones, folks seem to eye those a lot.

attachment-No Utah Cities (3)

3 - Toys
Toys like Hot Wheels or Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Magic the Gathering cards disappear a lot.

attachment-No Utah Cities (4)

4 - Over the Counter Medication
Now, for some reason, people nab pain relievers the most, followed by laxatives and pet meds. You'd think with self check out people wouldn't be so embarrassed to buy laxatives, ooo but there is a camera at self check out. hahahah

attachment-No Utah Cities

5 - Food
Interesting fact- packaged meat is reported as the most shoplifted item in America. Also on the list is baby food, deli stuff, alcohol, and noodle packets.

attachment-No Utah Cities (7)

6 - Intimate Items
At the top of the lists mentioning the stolen goods at Walmart are things like pregnancy tests, condoms, underwear and adult toys are apparently top targets.

attachment-No Utah Cities (5)

7 - Apparel and Accessories
You won't believe it, but underwear gets swiped a lot from Walmart, along with shoes, hats, handbags, and sunglasses.

attachment-No Utah Cities (6)

8 - Jewelry
I thought rings would be high on the list but apparently earrings, necklaces and bracelets take the top spots.

 Stealing is dumb and it raises the prices for those that do have some morals left. With the influx of people moving to our state, some of the things Utah was known for, are seemingly going out the window. Petty crime rates are going up. Be honest and don't take things that don't belong to you. If you notice anything suspicious, please report it. Remember to be safe! It's better to tell the store staff or the authorities rather than trying to deal with it on your own.
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attachment-BEST Steak in Utah

A lot of times when there is a top ten list of amazing places in the state, Southern Utah is a little overlooked. This time we have 2 Steakhouses in the top 10!

A great steak is all about the perfect combination of quality, preparation, and personal taste. If it all comes together it's amazing. When you can visit a business that can serve it to you, even better. LET'S GO SOUTHERN UTAH!

attachment-BEST Steak in Utah (3)

Here are the Southern Utah steakhouses that scored in the top 10 on the Best Things UT website!

Anasazi Steakhouse, St. George, UT

"Offering different steaks at a variety of prices, Anasazi Steakhouse in St. George uses what are called “hot stones” to cook their meet. Essentially, slabs of volcanic rock are heated in a special oven for 6-8 hours before they are delivered to your table with your entrée selection. There, you have ultimate control over the cooking of your meat. Taking a unique approach to steak, the restaurant is a must-do for meat lovers."

attachment-BEST Steak in Utah (1)

Rusty’s Ranch House, Cedar City, UT

"Cedar City is one of those places you go when you want to get away from it all without actually getting away from any modern conveniences. In accordance with that vibe, Rusty’s Ranch House makes you feel like you’re really at a “Ranch House,” enjoying the freshest, down-home cooking possible. Offering four different steaks from $19 to $27, the restaurant is famous for attracting meat-a-holics from across Utah."

You can check out the complete list here:

attachment-Untitled design (19)

How do you get the perfect steak? Let's break it down.

Firstly, the cut matters a lot. Different cuts offer various flavors and textures. For instance, a ribeye boasts marbling that melts during cooking, making it tender and flavorful. Filet mignon is leaner but incredibly tender. Then there's the New York strip with a balanced fat-to-meat ratio.

Next, quality is key. Opt for well-marbled steaks as the marbling—those fine streaks of fat throughout the meat—ensures juiciness and adds flavor when cooked. Fat = flavor.

The cooking method is crucial too. Whether you're grilling, pan-searing, or broiling, getting that perfect sear on the outside while maintaining the desired doneness inside is the goal. And speaking of doneness, everyone has their preference—ranging from rare to well-done—so ensuring the steak reaches the ideal temperature for your liking is essential.

Seasoning plays a vital role. Salt and pepper are the classics, but experimenting with different rubs or marinades can elevate the taste. Some prefer the simplicity of just salt and pepper to let the natural flavor of the meat shine, while others enjoy the complexity of various seasonings.

Lastly, resting the steak after cooking is often overlooked but equally important. Letting it sit for a few minutes allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, resulting in a juicier steak when you cut into it.

Ultimately, a great steak is a balance of quality, preparation, and personal taste preferences that make it a delightful experience to savor and enjoy!

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attachment-Aaronee’s 2 Step Chili

In Utah a lot of homes have food storage that needs rotating. This simple pantry hack will help you put together delicious chili that you will fool your guests into thinking it's made from scratch. 

attachment-Untitled design (68)
2 cans of whatever chili you have in your pantry/food storage (I used Nalley Turkey Chili)
8oz of salsa (I used medium homemade salsa cause I still had some on hand)
Heat, stir and serve. Fast and yummy!
If you have time, you can up the anti and start with sautéing
¼ diced yellow onion
2 cloves minced garlic
Then adding in the chili and salsa.
Don't forget the toppings like cheese & sour cream and the chips to scoop it all up.
Everyone will think you have been slaving all day on your delicious chili dinner.
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Karen Dutson
Karen Dutson

We've already had some snowfall across Utah, but what is to come? When will we get dumped on? Lots of rain, snow and balmy temperatures are forecasted this winter because it's an El Nino year.

attachment-1 (6)

It's expected to be seasonally stormy through December with rain and snow on and off but, the bigger amounts of snow come in January & February 2024

Here is what is What the Farmers Almanac has forecasted for Utah:

Southwest -Forecast for Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah: An El Niño could lead to "copious amounts of rain and snow across the entire Southwest," the Almanac forecasts. The Pacific Coast can expect a "stormy, snowy, and wet" second week of January followed, in the first week of February, by "heavy mountain snows" that will cover the western U.S., it forecasts.- Famers' Advance

attachment-1 (7)

When will winter end? Winter temps and precipitation may hold on till early spring, with a possibility of snow during the first part of April. (We'll have to see what the groundhog has to say.)

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