We're getting DANGEROUSLY close to "Election Time." In just over ONE YEAR, it will be Election Day and we'll be voting on our President for the next 4 years. It SEEMS that it's going to be a rematch of Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump.

If you're REALLY HOPING for another 4 years of Joe Biden, I'm here to help you trick your Conservative friends into voting BIDEN on Election Day! Just show them these VERY doctored photos.

Cowboy Biden with AR-15:

attachment-Biden gun 1

Wow! Is that Biden with an American Flag Cowboy hat, holding an AR-15, with a stars & stripes shirt?! That's amazing! Maybe he's not as liberal as we thought he was...

Biden throwing back a cold one at a dive bar!

attachment-Biden beer 1

Look at Biden! He's a politician for the people! He's even been in the weight room too. Maybe he's more conservative than we ever thought!

Rolled-up sleeves, totally conservative Biden:

attachment-biden beer 2

 There's fire going on behind him, a giant American Flag, and the loose tie tells me he's been out there doing a little manual labor out on the election trail! Wow!

Shotgun-Wielding Biden on a Horse:

attachment-Biden Gun 3

 No Liberal would ever have a shotgun in their hands, while sitting on the back of a gorgeous American horse, with a giant American Flag hanging in the back!

Joe Biden HUNTING?!

attachment-Biden Hunting 1
attachment-biden hunting 2
attachment-biden hunting 3

Our Commander In Chief is out there in Camouflage hunting like a good American that we can trust! He's even throwing back an AMERICAN MADE Beer! This just screams "AMERICA!"

Now, if you want a good laugh, go back and read the comments of people calling for my head like these are ACTUAL photos and not EXTREMELY Doctored!

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