Here are the top 5 events Southern Utahn’s will gather in huge numbers for.  

As St. George and the surrounding area have grown, the events that draw hundreds of participants have changed. It’s no longer easy to keep track of what’s happening on any given weekend, but there are a few factors that almost always guarantee to catch the attention. 

Let’s count down the top 5: 

5. Fireworks: Anytime you can light off some fireworks whether it’s the 4th of July, Pioneer Day, or New Years, people come out to see. It is especially wild when the neighborhoods surrounding St. George are also producing bangers. 


4. Christmas Lights: Only happens during Christmas, even though holiday lights are now a thing throughout the year. If you load up your breakers with lights after Thanksgiving, people will line up on the street to file past your display. 


3. Brush Fires: If this happens in city limits, especially near the river, expect folks to line the bluffs to get a look at the inferno. 


2. Fairs with bounce houses: You can do these any time of year and people will come as long as there are a decent number of tents displaying something and giving away free trinkets. 


1. Open a national store or franchise: If it’s a restaurant with a national following as Longhorn Steakhouse proves this week or Pink Box Donuts earlier this year, people will throng to the opening.  

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I think all of these have something in common that explains why they draw a crowd in Southern Utah. There are more kids in our area, and all of these provide a way to entertain families. We also like to tell others about what we have seen or experienced. Being the first to witness any of these events can give you clout. 

I just want to see someone open a popular chain restaurant with fireworks, Christmas light display, a bonfire, and bounce houses. Might set an all-time record for participation. 


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