On October 17, 2022, I had enough! I was sick of the way I looked, I was sick of feeling overweight, bloated and fat! I decided to try something called KETO.

In so many words, Keto is a diet where you do not eat Carbs. (I mean everything usually has a little bit of carbs, but you try to eat under 50 grams of carbs per day.) That means you can eat lots of proteins and fats!

In 2 months, I lost 38 pounds and felt better about myself than I had in an extremely long time! I did cheat, though, for Thanksgiving. But I felt like that allowed my body to restart and start burning fat again!

Getting your body into Ketosis could take about a week of eating (almost) NO CARBS, and if you mess up once... Your body could fall right out of Ketosis and you're back to ground zero.

Here are the BEST FOODS that I ate, that helped me lose 38 pounds in under 70 days:

1. Bacon & Eggs. A lot!

They're high in protein and also high in fat, PLUS WHO DOESN'T LOVE BACON AND EGGS?

egg sandwich GIF

2. Broccoli.

Shockingly enough... Broccoli isn't half bad! I would make Broccoli a couple times a week and it was usually awesome. I would steam it for about 6 minutes, then lots of butter and lots of salt and pepper. SO GOOD!

dogs broccoli GIF

3. Breakfast Scramble.

Back to breakfast! If you like breakfast foods like me, you can do keto! This time I would scramble about 4 eggs, add a little bit of onion, break up some bacon, sausage, ham and cheese and I was good to go! So much flavor, and super high in protein and fats.

Scrambled Eggs Cooking GIF by stasherbag


I grew up on fast food, and that's what scared me the most... Going without fast food burgers! Well... You don't have to! You just have to be smart about it. I would go and get a big juicy bacon cheeseburger and throw the bun out! Be careful with the ketchup because it's not keto friendly, but a tiny bit wont hurt. I would dip the burger in some ranch and it tasted EXACTLY THE SAME! Plus... I would look at all that bread that I just threw away and would be SHOCKED at how much bread would be in my stomach, if I didn't throw it out!

rachel bacon egg cheeseburger GIF by Rachael Ray Show

5. Tacos!

I got creative and I found corn tortillas online with like 2 carbs in each tortilla. I would fry up some hamburger, grate cheese on it, maybe a little bit of onion, hot sauce, and ranch... OH MAN! SO AMAZING!

Hungry Saturday Night Live GIF by HULU


Soda is shockingly high in carbs, so I 100% stayed away from those. Like 1 can of coke was enough to kick me out of Ketosis completely! So stay away from those.

Be careful with the "Fake Sugars".

Always look up EVERYTHING you eat online before eating it! Like one day I really wanted grapes. I almost ate them, but decided to Google the carbs first and sure enough... VERY HIGH in carbs.

Some people experience the "Keto Flu" and luckily I didn't. But it's a pretty bad flu from your body detoxing all the stuff it's used to ingesting every single day.



Schitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira in a medium length blonde wig, says, "I'm simply here to wish you the best of luck."


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