People will argue with me on this one, but I think Southern Utah is home to some really amazing restaurants! Some of these awesome local restaurants could EASILY become national chains! Here are a few of those...

1. Sakura:


Yes, hibachi restaurants already exist everywhere, but SAKURA has to be the best! Here in St. George, they ALWAYS have huge wait times. And for good reason! The food is awesome and the experience is fun! Bring Sakura across the nation! It deserves it!

2. Angelica's Mexican Grill:

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Angelicas USED TO BE Irmita's.. Which gets confusing because Irmita has opened "Irmita's" again... But trust me! Angelica's is SO GOOD! There's usually a line out the door! I LOVE their steak street tacos! Their sweet carnitas are also a hit with everyone. But they also have their Salsa Bar which compliments their food nicely. I still wish my favorite wasn't named "Wimpy Mild", but whatever. I'll take it! Let's franchise this place!

3. Durango's:


Yes, it's a knock-off of Cafe Rio, but I think it's better! I prefer Durango's over Cafe Rio and Cafe Rio's little brother: Costa Vida. Durangos quesadillas are superior, AND CHEAPER! Plus... They have a FANTASTIC Chicken Tortilla Soup! If you haven't tried it yet, go for it! I love me some Durangs!

4. Bishop's:


If you're into a mom & pop diner, look no further! BISHOP'S! When I was a kid it was a little Hole-In-The-Wall Diner, and my uncle would take me there on my birthday! I started going there again, as there's now two locations (in much cleaner locations) on both sides of town. I only get breakfast when I go there, but TRY THEIR SCONES! You'll be in heaven!

5. Farmstead Bakery:


People in this town go straight BANANAS for Farmstead! If you've had their food, you'd understand why! It's fresh and made daily, plus HEALTHY! Here's a little secret... Word on the street is they MAY franchise Farmstead. Which is a HUGE WIN for this St. George bakery!

What Southern Utah restaurant do you think could be a successful chain?

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