Life Hacks so you can GET < IT < DONE <

Here are a few life hacks to help you tackle those resolutions for the new year. YOU can do it!

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Start small and stay consistent. Being consistent is the biggest key to any good habit.

I set reminders in my phone for EVERYTHNG. The key is to NOT turn it off until you have accomplished the task.

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Snooze if you must, but do not turn off or delete until you are done. Now what should we set reminders for? Start with small things that are totally doable.


One of my reminders is to take some vitamins. I go for all natural stuff, so I try to eat really healthy to begin with, but I need some extra help too.

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Eat Something Healthy-

I have to set reminders to have a snack or eat something healthy before I get really busy and in turn, get really hungry. If you get really hungry, you are just going to grab whatever is closest and sounds good. When I get in that situation I just grab French Fries. Delicious, but not the healthiest option.

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Drink Water-

I am a camel. I can go a long time without drinking anything. I literally must remind myself to drink water. It is currently 10:38am, and I have had nothing to drink today. Horrible. I didn't set my reminders today. Ugggh. I know it is good for me. I know I will feel better if I drink more water. I just forget.

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Pro tip*  I also figured out that I can drink a lot more distilled water. It doesn't make me feel too full when I down a lot of it. 

Stretch or Walk at Work- 

If you are sitting at a desk all day, then you probably have a bunch of ailments you would love to lose. Neck and back pain? That horrible hump on the back of your neck? Not pretty. Headaches?

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The list can get really long. So set reminders to get up and walk around. Maybe do a few jumping jacks or go to the bathroom and stretch. Do something to mix it up, move around and shift your focus.

The point is, YOU CAN DO THIS! Start small so you don't get overwhelmed. Consistency is Key. Good Luck!

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