Trying to plan and eat healthy is doomed if you are constantly exhausted at the end of the day and you have no energy or creativity left to whip up a meal. Scroll down for a step by step plan to get you started.

For a long while I have been doing weekly meal schedules. It makes it much simpler to shop and prepare meals at home. I can take into account the days that are going to be really busy and plan a crock pot meal or a grab and go meal. I can also plan more snacks for the day that I'm running to different sports.

Recently I wanted to try a two week meal plan. I am leaving town and I didn't want to stress out about food for my family the same week that I will be leaving. It was hard to feel creative and not stressed about what my kids could make and still get some veggies in.

Here is a look at what I did:


This weekly plan is what we will be eating when I am home all week. I added a few meals that I have not made before. I made sure I had three meals and a snack everyday. My kids love some herbal tea and a biscotti cookies. I always ask my kids what they want to eat and what they would be willing to help/learn to make. That way I don't get complaints for every stinkin' meal.


This is the week that I will be going out of town for a few days. It's simpler. My kids know how to make a lot of these meals so they can do it themselves and will actually put some veggies in the meal.  

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I HIGHLY suggest using some sort of weekly meal planner so that you can sit down for about 30 mins and plan out a bunch of meals that your family actually likes that are familiar and easy to make. It takes the guess work out of your day to day eating and it makes a fast shopping list.

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Easy Plan:

#1 Get something to write your lists on

#2 Make a list of all of your easiest meals to make

#3 Make a list of your families favorite meals

#4 Make a list of to-go meals

#5 Make a time to do your weekly meal plan ( I choose Sundays and shop on Monday or Tuesday)

#6 Just do it! You have to just get started and make the plan.

#7 Go through each meal and write what you need on your shopping list

#8 Go shopping for the ingredients that you need

If you do this for a few a weeks it will get easier and easier.



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