Was it all of the testing in Utah? Downwinders? Who knows all of the causes but The #1 Killer in Utah has changed.

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9. Kidney Disease
8. Diabetes

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7. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
6. Accidents
5. Stroke

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4. COVID-19
3. Alzheimer’s Disease
2. Heart Disease

And the #1 cause is now...

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1. Cancer
A horrible disease that takes everything away while your family and friends watch you wither away. I wouldn't wish it on my enemy. Those who battle it need a lot of support. So make sure you don't let time or awkwardness get in the way. Call, text and visit your loved ones. You will regret it if you don't. How do you combat it?

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Get regular exercise and eat healthy whole foods to diminish your risk of general disease. Here is a great outline from the CDChttps://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/about/prevent/index.htm
Source: Most recent CDC data (2020)

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Are New Year's Resolutions Bad For Your Health?

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Sure, New Year's resolutions aren't necessarily bad for your health, but sometimes the way we go about them can be.

Setting resolutions can be a good thing. It's like a fresh start to work on yourself, your habits, and make some positive changes. But, here's the catch: sometimes we set these huge goals or expectations that are way too high. Then, if we don't meet them, it can make us feel pretty down or stressed out.

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Think about it. If your resolution is all about extreme diets, crazy workout plans, or major lifestyle changes without really thinking things through, it might end up doing more harm than good. Crash diets or pushing yourself too hard in the gym can mess with your health – physically and mentally.

What works better is setting smaller, achievable goals and being kind to yourself along the way. It's about building healthy habits that you can stick to, rather than trying to completely transform overnight.

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Dr. Clayton R. Cook Ph.D. said in Forbes Magazine that, "Habit formation is a behavior change process—replacing certain behaviors with new ones,” says Cook. Also in the Forbes article it says, "Creating behavior change has been a topic of social scientific inquiry for a long long time, and now there is a robust knowledge base regarding the factors that impact successful behavior change."

So, New Year's resolutions can be really good, but keeping them realistic and balanced is the key to making sure they don't mess with your health or stress you out.

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Everyone seems to be coming down with a strange headache flu. My daughter got it for 3 days, and she NEVER gets sick. Other symptoms like body aches and stuffed sinuses seem to be mild.  It takes you down and out for days and you have massive headaches and some say if feels like a hangover for days after that. Stay healthy for Christmas by taking your vitamins and washing your hands! You can also drink lots of water and don't over do the sugar. If you do get sick, take time to get better and recoup. Keep reading for tips.

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I love herbs! If I can avoid taking medicine at all, I will. I am to the point now, that I don't even have regular cold and flu medicine at my house. We use herbs and tinctures. My mom calls me the family witch doctor. (I am actually back in school to further my nerdy herbal education.)

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One of the best natural items to have in your home medicinal arsenal is honey. During flu season, honey can be quite helpful in soothing some of the common symptoms associated with the flu. It's well-known for its soothing properties. When you have a sore throat, nothing coats quite like raw natural honey. 

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You can mix it with warm water or add it to herbal teas for a comforting and soothing drink that helps alleviate that scratchy throat. On top of that, honey is a natural cough suppressant! 

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Some studies have shown that it can be as effective as over-the-counter cough medicines in reducing coughing. Like this one from the Mayo Clinic. You just need to get the raw unfiltered stuff. Once you start messing around and heating or processing natural honey, the benefits start decreasing.

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You can use honey to harness all sorts of vitamins and minerals from fruits or veggies. Every year I make garlic honey, lemon, turmeric and ginger honey, and onion honey. All of the benefits of honey PLUS all of the medicinal benefits of those powerhouse fruits, roots and veggies.

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Honey's immune-boosting properties and the antioxidants it contains can contribute to your overall immune system health, which may help your body fight off infections. It's also a great way to encourage hydration during the flu, as it can make warm beverages more palatable. Keep in mind to use raw, unpasteurized honey for the most potential health benefits, and be cautious not to give honey to children under one year of age due to the risk of botulism.

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Aaronee LOVES the country lifestyle. She has a great little farm with Alpacas, goats, dogs, cats and chickens! So yes, some.....stuff on her boots. ;) Aaronee's playlist has everything from Reba & Brooks & Dunn to Rascal Flatts & Garth to Miranda Lambert & Laney Wilson to Kane Brown & Morgan Wallen. She loves them all. ♥ Get her some chips and salsa or tater tots and a root beer float and she is set. She loves chatting on social media so make sure to hit her up on the Cat Country Utah Facebook page!

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