1. Dirty Sodas.

Full disclosure... I don't understand the "Dirty Sodas." It's just normal soda with coconut mixed in... But SOUTHERN UTAHN'S LOVE IT! You have a lot of places to choose from to get your Dirty Diet Coke: Swig, Fiiz, Splash, Quench It!, Pop!, Slurps Up, The Soda Nerd, and Thirst. I think we need ANOTHER place. Who wants to invest?

Lauryn Hill Soda GIF by Fugees

2. Saying "We really needed this" on a rainy day!

I'm so guilty of this... But I am RAIN'S BIGGEST FAN! Some people get depressed when it's dark and gloomy, but NOT ME! Those are the days I'm the happiest! GIVE ME ALL THE RAIN STORMS! They make me so happy! Inject THAT into my veins!

Friends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler staring pensively out the window at the rain.

3. HATING anytime it rains.

We get sunshine LITERALLY 364 days out of the year, and THE ONE DAY it rains here, everyone is complaining about it. GET OUT! You get your sunshine WAY MORE than I get my rain! Plus... We're in a drought baby! Soak it up!

Sad Rainy Day GIF by Paramount+

4. Complaining about ANY California License Plate they see on Bluff Street.

Another thing I don't understand... Does it really make you THAT mad that someone likes our community so much that they moved here? I like that St. George is getting bigger!

NEW RULE: You're not allowed to say "WE NEED A CHEESECAKE FACTORY" and also complain about people moving here! In order to get a Cheesecake Factory, we need more people. Let's chill out here.

5. Eating at Paula's Mexican Restaurant.

I'm going to keep my personal thoughts to myself on this one... But you know EXACTLY what I'm thinking. Your grandma probably loves that place, and is probably keeping the lights on at that place.

Reaction Confused GIF

Gif Credit: Giphy.com

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