It's to NOBODY'S surprise that Utah is having a huge influx of people moving to the state from elsewhere. A lot of people are concerned about who is moving here and if those people will be trying to "change things". I think that's a fair thought. But after researching... Most of the people are coming from places with ONE BIG THING in common...

Michigan Holds Its Primary Election
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  1. California (Voted Biden)
  2. Washington (Voted Biden)
  3. Idaho (Voted Trump)
  4. Texas (Voted Trump)
  5. Arizona (Voted Biden)
  6. Colorado (Voted Biden)
  7. Nevada (Voted Biden)
  8. Florida (Voted Trump)
  9. Oregon (Voted Biden)
  10. New York (Voted Biden)
  11. Missouri (Voted Trump)
  12. Virginia (Voted Biden)
  13. Illinois (Voted Biden)
  14. Wyoming (Voted Trump)
  15. Massachusetts (Voted Biden)
  16. Pennsylvania (Voted Biden)
  17. North Carolina (Voted Trump)
  18. New Mexico (Voted Biden)
  19. Hawaii (Voted Biden)
  20. Michigan (Voted Biden)
270 To Win
270 To Win

That's right! 14 of the top 20 states moving to Utah are from states that voted President Joe Biden in 2020. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that the people moving here voted for President Biden, or that they're coming here to change things. If they're moving here, they must like how things are and want to be in a place that shares similar values. However, it is a little surprising to see that the people moving here are coming from predominantly Democratic states, no?

Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day
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What's really interesting though, is that Utah doesn't make the TOP 10 of states people are moving to anymore! Maybe Utah really is "Full".

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