Have you ever died? I don't know a lot of people who can say that, but 54-year-old country singer Colt Ford has done it at least twice.

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After a performance in Arizona at the beginning of April, Ford has remained hospitalized there for recovery ever since. Initially, the updates from the hospital painted a bleak picture.


“I just wanted to tell you guys, thank y’all for all the prayers, the love, the comments, the messages,” Ford said in his video posted to X on Wednesday April 24th. “I got a long way to go, but I promise you this old country boy will get back. It probably won’t be this year, and I hate that I gotta miss all these shows, but I am coming back.”

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Ford called in the to Big D & Bubba radio show and said, “It’s been a traumatic, crazy experience,” Ford told the hosts. “I didn’t even remember coming out here to do a show in Phoenix.” Ford s had just stepped back onto his tour bus after performing at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar in Mesa, Arizona when he texted his fiancée, ‘Hi baby.’” “And then I fell over dead,” he said.

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Ford said that, luckily, his band came out to check on him and found him. And, he said, country music star Brantley Gilbert got involved after finding out the hospital didn't have the right equipment to help Ford. “He said, ‘I don’t care what you do, get him to the other hospital,’” Ford said of Gilbert.

More to the story from Pennlive...Ford said he died during transport to the other hospital. “They brought me back,” he said. “They saved my life. The Lord had more for me to do.” Ford said, in fact, he died twice during the ordeal. “This happened on the third, I think, and I didn’t wake up until the 10th,” he said.

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Ford said that one of his doctors told him he would not have given him a 1-percent chance to live. Not even one percent! “He said, I would give you a .1 percent chance that you would have survived,’” Ford said. “I had so much trauma in my body and my heart,” he said. “I had three stints put in.”

Ford seems like he is very grateful to everyone that has helped him and he has repeatedly thanked his friends, family, fans and social media followers. WE wish him the best. ♥

Dumb laws are always fun to go over because you just keep thinking to yourself, "How did this ever become a law?"

#8 St. George, Utah      

attachment-Logan, UT (1)

You have 2 days to bury your pet after it has passed away or you are violating the law! I don't know anyone that wants to keep their deceased pet for day before burying it but how dare government tell me what to do.

#7 Logan, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT

It is illegal for women to swear. Huh. This does not effect me but I know a few women who have a few words that they would like to express.

#6 Salt Lake County

attachment-Logan, UT (2)

You absolutely may not walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag. This sounds completely made up. Why on earth did anyone ever think this was necessary?

#5 Trout Creek, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (3)

Whachu doing Trout Creek? It is illegal for pharmacists to sell gunpowder to cure headaches.....OK, anyone know someone who has tried this?

#4 Provo, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (4)

No throwing snowballs...or other missiles. They can handle it. Got it.

#3 Salt Lake City, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (5)

You guys are totally missing out. It is illegal to herd sheep down the street in SLC. We are so glad this isn't the case in Cedar City!

#2 Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (6)

It is illegal to kill your chickens, not even to eat them or get rid of the rooster you are not supposed to have, unless......you can give them a "Tasteful Execution," whatever that is. Someone please message me and tell me what that means. Hahahaha.

And #1 is Salt Lake County, Utah again.

attachment-Logan, UT (7)

It is illegal to advertise an auction by hiring trombone players to play on the street. Government is always taking away all of the fun.

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