Businesses that still have FREE tire air, are the true heroes Southern Utah needs! (Complete list below)

When you are scrambling trying to save your tire and you can't find any tire air close, you feel defeated. It is so frustrating when you finally find a tire air station only to have it charge you $2 and then it doesn't work, or it takes soooo long to pump up one tire, that it wants you to pay again because your time runs out.

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Free tire air, the kind you don't have to pay for, is a big deal because it keeps us safe and saves us money. When our tires don't have enough air, they can get all wonky and make our cars harder to control. Super dangerous!

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Plus, it makes our cars guzzle more gas, which means we spend more money at the pump. But if we can easily fill up our tires for free, it's a win-win. We're safer on the road, and our wallets stay a bit thicker because we're not burning extra fuel.

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And don't forget about our poor tires – they last longer when they're not too squishy or too pumped up. Every time my tire pressure light comes on, I need to remember that it is my car telling me to be safe and save some gas money.

So where in Southern Utah can you get FREE air? On Cat Country Utah we asked our listeners to text in and man, did they come through. Here are some of the places in town that will save your butt next time you need a tire fill up.

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Rally Stops have FREE air you just have to ask for the air-card.

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Smiths on Bluff has air.

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Brackens Valley Tire in Beryl.

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Mr. D's on River Road in St. George and Harmon's on 700 South.

So, free tire air isn't just about being nice; it's about making driving safer, cheaper, and more eco-friendly for everyone. So, next time you see that free air pump at the gas station, take advantage of it – your car and your wallet will thank you!


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