What's Aaronee Cooking? Creamy Pesto Pasta that is to die for!
Pasta is just such a comfort food. There are many versions to choose from but a pesto pasta is so bright, colorful and flavorful that you can just keep coming back for more.

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Tis the season for pine nuts. Yum! You can grab some at the store or from the guy that sets up in some of the parking lots around Southern Utah. Those are fresh!
The ingredients are simple and you just blend them all together for a delicious sauce that just needs warmed through and you are ready to eat.

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Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe-
6 servings of your choice of pasta- cooked and strained reserving 1/2 cup of the starchy pasta water
2 cups of fresh basil
2 tablespoons of toasted pine nuts
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of grated parmesan
6 tablespoons of olive oil

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Mix all ingredients in a food processor
Add reserved 1/2 cup of starchy pasta water with your cooked pasta and add 1/4 cup of heavy cream and pesto mixture to a pan and stir together over medium heat until all ingredients are incorporated well.
Add a dash of red pepper flakes
Add salt and pepper to taste
Brighten it up with a squeeze of fresh lemon
Add ribbon sliced basil, chives and parsley for garnish and top with more shredded parmesan.

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You can take it to another level and add ingredients like grilled chicken or shrimp or steamed broccoli and kale. You can also add another dimension of flavor by sprinkling on smoked paprika or chili powder. Delicious! Enjoy!

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Aaronee hails from Northern Utah, West Valley City, and has now been on the radio in Southern Utah and all over the states for almost 24 years! Join DJ & Aaronee weekday mornings from 6-10am for all of the fun and on social media @catcountryutah

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Southwestern Utah Public Health Department Names Restaurants-


There has been plenty of talk going around about disgusting health violations that are going on at the restaurants in town. Ewwwww

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I worked in ball field snack shacks and restaurants for 9 years and have taken many food handlers permit tests. I know what to look for and I know when something is seriously off, but haven't actually witnessed anything too over the top. Instead of focusing on the negative, I decided to look for the GOOD restaurants out there  in Southern Utah. 

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According to the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, the Healthy Habits Award recognizes restaurants in our community that offer healthy choices on their menu AND maintain high standards of cleanliness excellence. 


They usually have a sticker on their door to identify themselves. Congrats to all of the winners!
Here's the list:

Tia's Artisan Bakery
Deep Creek Coffee Co.
Teriyaki Madness

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Chick Fil'a
First Watch
Main Street Cafe

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Gaia's Garden Cafe
Teriyaki Grill
Twisted Noodle Cafe
The Hearty Beet
Viva Chicken
Xetava Gardens Cafe


So get out and enjoy some local, healthy and delicious food.

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With just a few days of holiday break left, having fun and saving a buck or two on some delicious food is a must! If you check out the Yelp* reviews for St George, Utah, there are some great recommendations and great reviews, and they change ALL THE TIME. I have seriously gone to write about great food and great prices several times and the top 5 have been different every time. That just means we have a ton of great options!

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I love to go out to eat, but I am not loaded so it is fun to be reminded of all the options in town. Along with the arts in southern Utah, we also have some GREAT food. I am a self proclaimed foodie. But I like it all, not just the fancy stuff.

Here are the top 5 recommendations in town, from Yelp with only one $.

5. Croshaw's Pies

175 W 900 S St. George, UT 84770

Tues - Sat: 11am - 6pm
Sun - Mon: Closed

First off, I learned something new. I learned that you can order soups and sandwiches from Croshaw's Pies.  I had no idea. I know that have a great chicken pot pie. YUM. You can check out the entire menu here: https://www.croshawspies.net/menu/

4. Tom's Deli 

175 W 900 S, St. George, UT 84770

Mon-Sat 11am-4pm

Tom's Deli Meal Web Pic
Tom's Deli Meal Web Pic

Tom's Deli is in the same plaza as Croshaw's Pies. Doesn't that sandwich look happy to see you? They serve hot and cold sandwiches with plenty of toppings and condiments to choose from. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/tomsdelistgeorge/

3. Worlds Best Corndogs

On the Move Daily

If you've never tried these giant corndogs, they are fancy and delicious. I never thought i would LOVE honey on my corndog but I do. I also have to split this meal.

World's Best Corndog
World's Best Corndog

This is a food truck that travels the state. We love our food trucks in St George! ♥  More pictures and details here: https://worldsbestcorndogs.com/menu/

2. Angelica's Mexican Grill

101 E St George Blvd St George, UT 84770

Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Bar far my fav taco stop. It is cheap and you get a ton of food and this should be number one. SOOOOOO good.

#1 Honolulu Grill

706 East 700 South, St. George, UT 84770

Monday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
Honalulu BBQ Chicken Web Pic
Honalulu BBQ Chicken Web Pic

This is exactly what I order when I go. So good. It's fast and they have great deals. You can find more info about their 2 locations here:https://www.honolulugrill.net/menu

If you don't see your inexpensive favorite on the list, make sure you go give them a great review. We need to get in the habit of praising what we like instead of just bashing what we don't.

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You can win a getaway to the Eureka Resort in Mesquite, Nevada by playing a childhood game on the radio station. The game is Battleship, and the radio station is Cat County Utah with DJ & Aaronee. You can find the radio station at 107.3 in St. George and 94.9 EVERYWHERE in Southern Utah.


Monday-Friday mornings around 8am, DJ & Aaronee will kickoff Battleship! It's as simple as calling in and taking a guess. If you get a HIT on the battleship, you get another guess. If you MISS, we're onto the next caller. Whoever has the shot that SINKS the battleship WINS THE PRIZE! So far, three prizes have been won on Cat Country Utah, but the big one is still there!


This is only ONE game that's played with DJ & Aaronee, and everyday a new game is played!

  • High Low- They pick a number 1-100. If you guess the number correct on the first guess, you win 10 prizes. A correct guess on the second guess, 9 prizes and so on. After each guess, we tell you if the number is HIGHER or LOWER. If there's no correct answer after 10 guesses, nobody wins!
  • Freakin' Liar- DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them a simple question. The caller decides to tell the truth or lie. After questions are answered, DJ & Aaronee say if the caller is telling the truth, or if they're a FREAKIN' LIAR! If you stump both the hosts, you win two prizes, if you stump one of the hosts, you win one prize. If you stump NEITHER of the hosts... you still win a prize.
  • Guessing Weight- On Friday mornings, DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them very simple questions about their life. After 90 seconds, they'll take a guess at how much you weigh. If the hosts are within 5 pounds of your weight, they win! You win a prize either way. Listeners can also text in what THEY believe the callers weight is, and if they're the closest guess, they win a prize.
  • What's That Movie?- All things movies. A quote from a movie, a song from a movie, characters from a movie, first caller to get the correct answer wins!
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    attachment-typorama 40

    Games are played around 7:40am each morning!

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