Heads up Utah!

Everyone driving an off-highway vehicle, (OHV) on public lands will now need to complete an online program.

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It is free, but that doesn't lessen the outrage coming from outdoor enthusiasts all over Utah. A very large portion of the southern Utah region enjoys off-roading almost all year round.

So what does this mean?

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Answer: Anyone operating OHVs like, quads, side-by-sides, and dirt bikes, will be required to complete a free, mandatory online program. Sources say that the course itself should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

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Why are we adding to Utah law and mandates?

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Here's why: Some areas in Utah have had complaints from residents about rude behavior from ATV/OHV riders tearing up landscapes and not caring about noise ordinances close to residential communities. Officials are hoping that this course will lessen the blow to the environment from riders not understating trail laws, and also reduce complaints due to egocentric riding.

The requirement is for class I, II, and III OHVs—quads, side-by-sides, buggies, and dirt bikes. This is for off-road riding NOT registered for road vehicles. 

When will we realize that making more and more laws/mandates is not the answer? Giving good citizens more things to do and keep up with (like this new mandate), does not ensure that those who simply do not care about rules or common courtesy, will then take the mandatory course, and all of our problems will disappear. Does more education work? Of course it does. But our continual hope that more laws or mandates eliminate problems completely, is ridiculous.


Education is always the answer. Then, examining existing laws would be prudent. Maybe then we could enforce existing laws. After that, people are allowed to make their own decisions and reap what they sow.

One day it will all be that simple, but for now you can complete the online program here:


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