It's not easy to understand and communicate with people. It's just not. But a trick I've learned is understanding their COLOR CODE! The Color Code is a personality test that tells you the group your personality mostly fits into.

Everyone's personality fits into a color, and it's really helped me figure people out better. It's also helped me understand how to work and communicate with people better.

The colors are:

  • RED
  • BLUE

Now everyone is mainly ONE COLOR, with another color as a sidekick. So, you can be a Red/Blue, meaning you're MOSTLY red with an also high amount of blue. (you don't combine colors. A red/blue isn't a purple. It's still a red/blue.) But, if you were a Blue/Red, you would be MOSTLY blue with an also high amount of red.

I can help you find your Color a lot easier than taking an actual test. First, let me break down what each color represents!


Red is power, in charge, and passion! You'll see Reds as the oldest child, or an only child... Or sometimes the baby! Always used to getting their way!

Not Backing Down The Boss GIF by Britannia


Blue is all about passion, emotions, loyalty, and heart. This is the person that is always looking out and taking care of everyone.

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Yellow is all about fun, creativity and carefree! This, a lot of the time, is the baby of the family. They don't like rules, they just want to have fun!

Itll Be Fun Drag Race GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


White is the direct opposite of red. White is passive, non-confrontational, and peaceful. This person works great in a cubicle space, and is usually very easy going!

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Now let me break it down like this... Imagine you're going on a road trip. This is how each color would be on this road trip:


"I'm driving! Be here by 8:30 or I'm leaving you!"


Blue is in the backseat, they made sandwiches for everyone, and they're listening to the group's relationship issues. Listening to every word. Full of love for the group.


Yellow is in the front seat, music is up loud! They're turned around, talking to everyone and having a great time!


White shows up on time, says "You know, guys, if there's no room for me that's okay! I can stay behind." They're in the backseat quietly reading a book.

So... What do YOU think your Color Code is? After I've figured out my Color Code, and everyone around me... It's really helped me understand them better, and made my relationships with them better.

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You can take the Color Code test right here:

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