Red Fort Cuisine of India is a local St. George restaurant located behind Target. Known simply as "Red Fort" in the building that was home to Iggy's Sports Grill. Red Fort was recently named #3 in the ENTIRE NATION for Best Indian Food in the USA according to

Google Earth
Google Earth

Red Fort comes in at #3, beating out THOUSANDS of others restaurants in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, and even Salt Lake City. Speaking of Salt Lake City, they've also made the list of top 55 Indian Restaurants in the United States. Bombay House in Salt Lake City was #9 on the list.

Here Is the list of Top 10 Indian Restaurants in the United States:

10. Spice Affair - Beverly Hills, California.

9. Bombay House - Salt Lake City, Utah.

8. Paper Dosa - Santa Fe, New Mexico.

7. Biryani Bowl - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

6. Spice Room - Denver Colorado.

5. Bombay Indian Cuisine - Los Angeles, California.

4. Cafe Bombay - Bristol, Pennsylvania.

3. Red Fort - St. George, Utah.

2. Karma Modern India - Washington, D.C.

1. Angel - New York, New York.

If you haven't tried Red Fort yet, now is the time to give it a try! For first time Indian triers, I suggest the Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan. It's SO GOOD! The entire list can be found RIGHT HERE!

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St. George Restaurants With AWFUL Locations, But GREAT Food!

Google Earth, Canva
Google Earth, Canva

When it comes to having a business, LOCATION IS KEY, right? It's very important to have a good location for your business! However, there's some businesses that have AWFUL LOCATIONS, but their food is so good that their bad location doesn't even matter! Here are some of those businesses in Southern Utah with AWFUL LOCATIONS, but GREAT FOOD!

Red Fort Indian Cuisine:

Absolutely TERRIBLE location for Red Fort, but MAN, they make it work! Their food is KILLER. I was a little iffy about trying Indian food at first, but they changed my mind REAL QUICK! But their location?! It's like MAYBE the most hidden spot in all of Southern Utah. It's literally BEHIND Target. Wtf?

Island Grinds:

This is my FAVORITE Hawaiian food in ALL of Southern Utah, but their location is pretty bad! It's not absolutely terrible, but pretty bad. I can't even get a picture of it on Google Earth. They're located off of Sunset Boulevard by Albertsons. I know Bishop's is right there next to them and Little Caesars, but that's all I can name in that little shopping center. Bad location, GREAT FOOD!

Mary's Cheesecakes:

This cheesecake place in St. George is ACTUALLY FIRE! These cheesecakes are so good, but I would've never found them if it wasn't for my mom. My mom asked me to go pick up her prescriptions from a place called Sienna's Pharmacy off Dixie Drive. In that little shopping center/ office building area, there she is... Mary's Cheesecakes! Location is so bad, but cheesecakes blow your mind!

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