Does this feel like deja vu to anyone else? A local favorite is shutting it's doors for good.

Larsen's Frostop.


About a year ago, Frostop closed down for a few months before being brought back to life by new owners. Unfortunately as of today, they've announced that they're closing down once again. Larsen's Frostop posted on Facebook the bad news...


As the Facebook post reads, the location is now available for a new tenant. "Whether someone is interested in continuing the Frostop legacy or starting an exciting new business venture, this historic location holds many possibilities."

We will all miss so many things about Frostop. The Piccadilly Chips, The Pups, the Queen Burger, The Crinkle Cut Fries, The Glaciers, or maybe just the memories. Either way, if you're reading this you probably have at least ONE memory involving Larsen's Frostop. This will, without a doubt, be missed.


What could come next from that location? Will somebody try to revive Frostop once again? Will a whole new drive-in restaurant take it's place? Will it be a completely new venture? Will someone tear down the building? Unfortunately, my money is on THAT... I think someone will tear down the building and make room for something new. The biggest question is... WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE GIANT AWESOME SIGN?! It's not like someone can just take it home and put it in their front yard!

If you have any questions, or interest in the building/location, you can contact Larsen's Frostop on Facebook, at Larsen's Frostop Drive-In.

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