If I LOVE a song, I don't seem to get sick of it.

After I finally listen to it enough to learn all of the words, I then like to start working on the harmonies. Basically, music is magic.


Here are my top 5 Country New Year songs that I have been listening on repeat.

#5 FGL and Nelly - Cruise (Remix)

This remix gets me pumped every time. EVERY.TIME. It really doesn't matter where I hear it, in the studio, at work, in my car or at home. I am dancing and singing it at the top of my lungs. Windows down, radio up!

#4 Tim McGraw - Something Like That

Oh man this throw back never gets old. It is so great. It takes you back in time to when you were doing nothin but trollin for honies. hahah But really, it paints the perfect picture of a simpler time and it is wonderful.

#3 Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown - Thank God

How cute is this song? And Katelyn held her own. Girl can sing! I really was worried that they did a song together for fun and I wouldn't like it and feel bad. I love it. It is such a good wholesome song. ♥  And.....they're hot.

#2 HARDY & Lainey Wilson - Wait in the Truck

First of all... I LOVE HARDY. This is a throwback to when country music was a full story time. What a powerful story to tell. There so many emotions that you feel as this story develops. The first time I heard it I was tearing up. So sad. So real. So powerful.

#1 Jelly Roll- Son of a Sinner

That voice! It is so soulful and gritty. He already had success in rock and now country music loves him. He has decided to go without a cell phone! What???? How??? Check his tweet out...

Image preview

 I hope his mental health is spectacular after this awesome experiment. I'm definitely watching for an update.
Tell me what you are listening to so I can add it to my next list!
Rolf Brenner

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