Bed. Bath. Beyond. Bye. Bye.

Bed Bath And Beyond Issues Bankruptcy Warning
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That's right. Bed Bath & Beyond is a GONER! The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. ALL 360 locations will be closing, as well as the 120 Buy Buy Baby stores.

However, the 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and the 120 Buy Buy Baby stores will remain open for the time being as it works to liquidate assets.

Bed Bath & Beyond has been hanging by a thread for some time, and they've tried many Hail Mary, last ditch efforts... coming up empty handed.

Word on the street is: your 20%-off coupons will NOT be accepted on Wednesday, SO GO USE THEM BEFORE WEDNESDAY, THE 26TH!

Bed Bath & Beyond expects to offer "Deep Discounts" on their products as part of it's going-out-of-business sales. We can even expect to see 70% off liquidation prices!

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attachment-next to kohls

There's an opening in a pretty PRIME SPOT in Washington!

The location is next to Kohl's in the parking lot by In-N-Out Burger, Del Taco, and Best Buy. What could it be?

In the facebook group "St. George Word Of Mouth", somebody asked this question:

What is going in next to Kohl’s? I’ve heard some people say TJ Maxx and others say Ross. Please let it be TJ Maxx!"

The comments blew up, with some people saying they heard it was TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Some people hoping for a Trader Joe's, while others are hoping for a Hobby Lobby.

According to the comments, it seems evident that the store coming to that location is...

ROSS DRESS FOR LESS! (Their 2nd location in the St. George Area.)

simon rex ross GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt Nasty

Some are happy about a 2nd Ross location, while others are upset... Like Kathi Darhar who said, "We dont need another ross. They are junky stores." and Jennifer Guzman who said, "ROSS SUCKS!"

However, multiple commenters have confirmed it is, indeed, Ross Dress For Less. Apparently, this has been years in the works to get their 2nd location there, and they now have the Washington City Permits.

Here are some stores I believe would be/ could be a BIG HIT here in Southern Utah.

  • Cheesecake Factory! (How do we not have one yet?!)
  • Trader Joe's (I have a feeling one is coming In the new Desert Color development)
  • Hobby Lobby (I've never even been inside one, I just know everybody drools over Hobby Lobby!)
  • Menard's (These are HUGE in the midwest. It's like a Home Depot meets Target meets Walmart. LOVE THAT PLACE! You can get ANYTHING there!)
  • Urban Outfitters (UO is in nearly EVERY major mall in America, the prices are expensive but I REALLY LOVE that place. It's always packed! 

I know someday soon i'll be here writing about a great HUGE store coming to Southern Utah! I can't wait!

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