Coaches and parents listen up!

I have been to city rec ball games as an adult for years now. This is my first year as a head coach. It is awesome.  When you go to a city rec game do you really think they pay big bucks to the people who run the league? As you know, most of the coaches are volunteer. The refs are usually teenagers. They are learning. So berating the refs isn't going to get you anywhere.

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If your team is losing, now is not the time to fall apart. It's time that we teach our kids how to lose graciously. I'm not saying give up or to lose your passion in the middle of a game. I'm just saying that there are more important things to teach our youth than to yell at people when you aren't getting your way. I know that sometimes the calls are VERY lopsided. But unless you speak your points rationally, you are most likely just making the situation worse. Think of a toddler who doesn't get their way in a grocery store and throws a fit. I have seen many a parent and coach melt down that looks just like that.

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Refs are the ones holding the game together. They are the ones who are willing to know all of the rules and put themselves out there to be judged by every decision they make. Show them some respect. If you think they are making some terrible calls, first, remember this is a game. Second, remember that you have impressionable youth watching every move you make. Third, take it up with the ref calmly, and if that doesn't work then contact the league to let them know how bad it really was. Feeling like you had a game taken away by horrible calls is very defeating. But life is like that. How you calmly react to those type of situations will teach more than yelling at a teenage ref ever will.

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Referees we love you. Thank you for taking a beating while making it possible for our kids to play ball. We will be better. We will remember to bring extra team treats just for you. ♥



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