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I grew up playing sports. I played baseball and basketball for Pine View, then basketball for Desert Hills, THEN basketball at Piute High School in Piute County, Utah. But, to be honest with you... I didn't watch a lot of "Girls" sports. I once dated a volleyball player, and got REALLY into Girls Volleyball during that time. But NOW... My oldest niece is playing Varsity Basketball for Desert Hills High School.

Now, going to my nieces game... I have ONE grievance that I really want to air out.


Please! Can we stop? It bothers me to NO END! The boys aren't called the "Gentlemen Tigers", the "Guy Panthers", or the "Man Flyers". The mascot doesn't need to change to fit the girls. I feel like it's more offensive than leaving it as is! Is a "Tiger" a male? Do we really need to clarify that it's a Lady Tiger?

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I never realized how much this bothers me until now that I go to my niece's basketball games. At Desert Hills they are the DESERT HILLS THUNDER. Now, when the girls play, suddenly the Thunder needs to have a gender? Why isn't it the same for the fellas?

There's gotta be someone out that that feels what I'm feeling! Right??

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I think that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how differently girls are treated in sports. The gyms are rarely packed, but all the guys games are packed. And that's fine! I understand that part. But even local radio stations ONLY broadcast the boys' games. What about the girls games? Let me give my opinion... Who is listening to a high school basketball game on the radio? AT LEAST 95% of those people are parents, or grandparents of players right? What? The girls don't have parents or grandparents that want to listen to them?

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Someone make sense of it!

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