When it comes to dating, how do you do it? Tinder? Match.com? Wander aimlessly into bars looking for someone to take you home? Well for THIS ONE, we're doing it RIGHT HERE.

Meet, Elle. She's my coworker, she's 5'2", she loves animals, anime, book and all things nerdy. Over the next 250 words, I'm going to explain to you why YOU NEED to date this girl, marry her, and treat her right!

She's cute!

Yes, I know. The first thing you assume is that she's an actual goblin. No, she's not. She's cute. Nice smile. Nice eyes. Recently had her hair done.


How do you feel about Halloween? Hopefully you love it, because homegirl absolutely believes she's a witch. Like actually. Elle claims to be a "Third Generation Witch." All I know is that we'd throw her in a lake 250 years ago. Maybe you're into the dark arts like that. If so... Elle is for YOU! It's also not my fault if you screw up and she casts some kind of spell on you.


She's a dog mom!

Not only does she talk about her dog ALL THE TIME, But I've seen the backseat of her car. There's enough hair back there to reconstruct ANOTHER DOG! If you're into dogs, and don't mind dog hair EVERYWHERE, Elle is the girl for you!


She's an Ex-Ferret Mom.

These two ferrets are Philipe and Francine. Actually... I made that up. I don't know the name of the ferrets, but she recently had to give them up to a new home. But anyone that is a Ferret Parent has a couple screws loose! So if you ALSO love some weird pets, Elle is the one for you!


Anime, Anime, Anime:

Elle goes absolutely APESHIZ for Anime. It's like her favorite thing in the entire world. This is probably ALMOST a BIG DEALBREAKER.  If you're a nerd about anime too, Elle is the nerd for you!


If you or ANYONE you know would be a good fit for Elle, hit DJ up at Cat Country Utah on Facebook, or text 435.674.7014.

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