It's Springtime in southern Utah and now is another chance to get everything out of your way so you can take over your world!

It feels so good to start fresh. It is amazing how much different you feel when your room is clean and organizes. Imagine that you then move to your bathroom and that is clean too! Ahhhhhhh So good. Now imagine that you can take just one day to clean your whole house because you have decluttered everything so that it is easy to deep clean. Does that sound like it is too far off?

Well here are the top ten ideas to instantly declutter your home and make you feel more in control of your world.

#10 Old Mail & Newspapers

Do you have a pile of old mail just sitting there cluttering up your counter? You know you can get your info online now right? Get rid of all that! Sift through it and make sure you get taken off of the mailing lists. Or save it to burn. ;)

#9 Pile of Old Magazines

You keep saving them because you might need them and read them but.....they are adding to your clutter. So, pick your favs and make a space for them and throw the rest away.

#8 Clothes That Don't Fit

If you have clothes that don't fit or that you haven't worn in years OR have holes in them, just let go and donate them to the Catholic Thrift Store, Switchpoint, DI or any other charitable thrift you want. If you want to have a goal outfit because you want to lose weight, save that one and get rid of the rest.

#7 All Those Extra Cords

Take 15 mins and go through all of the cords you have in your house. Make sure you have all the ones you need and put them in a box or cupboard, then donate the rest. It will feel so good to have what you need and know where it is.

#6 Expired Medication

Take time to declutter your medicine cabinet and you will be able to actually see what you have. Make sure you take all old medication to the Washington or Iron County Sheriff's office (or other drop off locations) to dispose of properly.

#5 Towels, Hand Towels and Washcloths

If your towels/washcloths have gross stains or holes it is time to retire the rags. I cut them up and used them for cleaning or dusting before they are done for good. It feels so nice to get new fluffy towels in some great new colors.

#4 Old Make Up

Go to your drawer or the counter and just start trashing all of the expired, broken or separated make up. The season has changed and that means most of the shades won't match or look good and your old stale stuff is collecting bacteria as we speak. Head to Ulta or the Red Cliffs Mall and get your new game face on.

#3 Old Toothbrushes & Cleaning Supplies

There are 1000 dentists in southern Utah. Make sure you make it into one to get your check up. They will give you a free toothbrush to replace the one you have that looks like you have been cleaning grout with it. As for cleaners, combine them or toss them all. If you can add water and save some of the cleaning products do it. If they are pretty much ruined and crusty, toss 'em.

#2 Mismatch Bedding

Do you just save all of the extra pillowcases and random sheets because you might need them? Well most likely, you won't. Now you have a pile of mismatched bedding that is taking up precious space that you could use for something that you love. Let It Go. Bed Bath and Beyond is going out of business so go right now and get some clearance bedding!

#1 Tupperware Without Lids

It's everyone's nightmare organization job. There are endless lids or containers without the right match. Keep what works and toss what doesn't then head to the store to get ones that will be useful. That way when you open the cupboard to store your leftovers, it won't just be one more point of frustration in your day. There are still Tupperware parties in southern Utah! If you dare ask on social media, you will be bombarded with invites. Find one and get some cute new stuff.

I found a meme on facebook that you can check out for even more ideas.

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attachment-Logan, UT (8)

Dumb laws are always fun to go over because you just keep thinking to yourself, "How did this ever become a law?"

#8 St. George, Utah      

attachment-Logan, UT (1)

You have 2 days to bury your pet after it has passed away or you are violating the law! I don't know anyone that wants to keep their deceased pet for day before burying it but how dare government tell me what to do.

#7 Logan, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT

It is illegal for women to swear. Huh. This does not effect me but I know a few women who have a few words that they would like to express.

#6 Salt Lake County

attachment-Logan, UT (2)

You absolutely may not walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag. This sounds completely made up. Why on earth did anyone ever think this was necessary?

#5 Trout Creek, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (3)

Whachu doing Trout Creek? It is illegal for pharmacists to sell gunpowder to cure headaches.....OK, anyone know someone who has tried this?

#4 Provo, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (4)

No throwing snowballs...or other missiles. They can handle it. Got it.

#3 Salt Lake City, Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (5)

You guys are totally missing out. It is illegal to herd sheep down the street in SLC. We are so glad this isn't the case in Cedar City!

#2 Utah

attachment-Logan, UT (6)

It is illegal to kill your chickens, not even to eat them or get rid of the rooster you are not supposed to have, can give them a "Tasteful Execution," whatever that is. Someone please message me and tell me what that means. Hahahaha.

And #1 is Salt Lake County, Utah again.

attachment-Logan, UT (7)

It is illegal to advertise an auction by hiring trombone players to play on the street. Government is always taking away all of the fun.

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