St. George, Utah has been the #1 fastest growing city for like... the last ten years or something crazy! It's growing like a weed. Everywhere you look there's a new development, or neighborhood. Eventually, I'm sure Hurricane and St. George will just be connected. The population of St. George is over 108,000 people now. But it's still wild that we don't have certain things in town. Like these things:

A Waterpark:

We've had an INCREDIBLY hot July this year, with temperatures reaching over 116 a couple times. We have splash pads, city pools, and lakes, but how do we not have an ACTUAL waterpark yet? I know the Jelly Stone park is getting built by Sand Hollow, but I'm talking a Cowabunga Bay, or a Wet N Wild. COME ON!

Cheesecake Factory:

We've been begging for this one for years. Now, I know it's going to happen for us eventually. I believe. We just need to make it happen. Remember how we bullied Zupas to come to St. George, and they finally did it?! I think that's what we'll do with Cheesecake Factory!

Second Costco Location:

Every time I have to go to Costco, I have to mentally prepare myself for it. The parking lot is going to be a mad house. It's going to be nuts going inside, checkout is going to take a while, the food court is going to give me anxiety, and the line to get out will be long. We DESPERATELY need a second Costco Location! I've heard a rumor that they're eventually planning on bringing a second location to the south side of town by BigShots Golf out in Desert Color!

More Mall Stores:

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and Lids are just a few stores that would be AWESOME if we had in St. George. I regularly travel to Vegas to Salt Lake City to stop in at those places. The Red Cliffs Mall has been doing awesome things, and I'm hoping that eventually we an get some of these stores inside.

Nike Outlet:

I have a weakness for Nike Outlet stores. If I ever see one, I HAVE to go inside! There's always deals, and big clearance items. That's another place that I'll always travel to Salt Lake City or Vegas to go to.

Nordstrom Rack:

It's not as expensive as the regular Nordstrom store. You can get a ton of amazing things on sale, but still great Nordstrom quality! If you haven't tried Nordstrom Rack, you seriously need to! I wasn't a believer at first, but I am now.


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