My entire life I've had a VERY STRONG opinion about a restaurant that I've never had. I thought this restaurant was terrible, not worth my money, not worth my time, gross food. And for some reason... I decided to give it a try, and I WAS SHOCKED!


Now, if you asked me last week to rank the BEST Fast Food Taco my list would've been:

  1. Taco Bell
  2. Taco Time
  3. Jack In The Box
  4. Del Taco

Mean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditor

And then the Fast Food Taco Gods shined down on me, and opened my eyes.

I ordered their taco FITTINGLY named... The Del Taco. It's a hardshell taco with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Of course, I told them NO LETTUCE AND TOMATO! I expected the same thing I would get at Taco Bell... A little bit of meat, and an even smaller amount of cheese. OH BOY WAS I WRONG! There was probably AT LEAST double the amount of meat in this taco, and maybe 4x the amount of cheese compared to Taco Bell. YES! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! But... How does it taste? Moment of truth...

Discover Moment Of Truth GIF by ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

I bite in... I hear angels singing. The shell doesn't crumble to pieces. It doesn't instantly break in half with the meat and cheese pouring out. It stayed together. It's a miracle. My tastebuds are dancing. THIS IS WHAT A TACO IS SUPPOSED TO BE!

sing annie lennox GIF

Del Taco, I was wrong. I judged you unfairly. I didn't give you a chance. I thought you were like the other guys. You're not. You're a gift.

Movie gif. Michael Caine as Alfred in Batman furrows his brow as he fights back tears, clearly devastated at what he's done. Text, "I'm so sorry. I failed you."

As of now... Here is my TOP 4 of BEST FAST FOOD TACOS!

  1. Del Taco, baby!
  2. Taco Bell
  3. Taco Time
  4. Jack In The Box


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The PERFECT Places For Trader Joe's In St. George

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
Getty Images

Everyone has been begging for a Trader Joe's to land in St. George. To be completely honest... I wasn't one of them. I just figured it was another grocery store that sells the same stuff as every other store. Until this weekend.

This weekend I was in Las Vegas and my Aunt asked me to stop and buy her these cookies at Trader Joe's. So, I found one in Henderson and pulled up. I went inside and bought the cookies and NOW I'M A HUGE BELIEVER! BRING US A TRADER JOE'S!

These are the BEST LOCATIONS for Trader Joe's to land in St. George!



The beautiful thing about a Trader Joe's is that it's NOT huge on the inside. It's actually a pretty small little market, and this size could work. It's a little small, but I'll take what I can get at this point. It's right in town, and I think it would be packed all the time!



This would be great! It's a lot bigger than most Trader Joe's, but it could definitely work! Also, I feel like the places that are in that shopping center by In-N-Out are struggling anyway. How long can a Best Buy & Kohl's TRULY survive in 2024? Trader Joe's would absolutely stay in business! We need it!



This would be the ABSOLUTE PERFECT location for Trader Joe's in St. George. Unfortunately, Hive Therapy is now in that location, so maybe we can find them a perfect spot to move to, and Trader Joe's can fill that spot!

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WHOA! This Place Has The Cheapest Gas In Town... BY FAR!

It's the holiday season, and we're all spending (probably) WAY TOO MUCH money! But suddenly, you realize your car needs gas. UGH! It's so expensive! In St. George the gas prices fluctuate from about $3.50 - $3.19... UNITL NOW!

Today, I found a gas station that is selling gas for WAY CHEAPER than everywhere else in town: The Shivwits Convenience Store on Highway 91. They're located at 5861 W Old Hwy 91, Ivins, Utah. The price of Regular Unleaded: $3.04!


This gas station is selling gas for at least $0.15 cheaper than ANYWHERE ELSE in St. George. Not only will you get cheap gas, but you'll also have one of the best views in all of Southern Utah. On Thursdays, they also have one-cent-per-ounce fountain drinks, and FREE Popcorn on Fridays!


At the Shivwits Convenience Store, they're also a smoke shop, and they sell handmade items, like Native beaded jewelry and Dream Catchers! They've been serving Southern Utah since 2014, and it's time we drop by and give them our business, and fill our cars up for MUCH CHEAPER than anywhere else in town!

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Win A Mesquite, Nevada Getaway By Playing Sinking The Battleship!

Untitled design - 1

You can win a getaway to the Eureka Resort in Mesquite, Nevada by playing a childhood game on the radio station. The game is Battleship, and the radio station is Cat County Utah with DJ & Aaronee. You can find the radio station at 107.3 in St. George and 94.9 EVERYWHERE in Southern Utah.


Tuesday-Friday mornings around 8am, DJ & Aaronee will kickoff Battleship! It's as simple as calling in and taking a guess. If you get a HIT on the battleship, you get another guess. If you MISS, we're onto the next caller. Whoever has the shot that SINKS the battleship WINS THE PRIZE! So far, three prizes have been won on Cat Country Utah, but the big one is still there!


This is only ONE game that's played with DJ & Aaronee, and everyday a new game is played!

  • High Low- They pick a number 1-100. If you guess the number correct on the first guess, you win 10 prizes. A correct guess on the second guess, 9 prizes and so on. After each guess, we tell you if the number is HIGHER or LOWER. If there's no correct answer after 10 guesses, nobody wins!
  • Freakin' Liar- DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them a simple question. The caller decides to tell the truth or lie. After questions are answered, DJ & Aaronee say if the caller is telling the truth, or if they're a FREAKIN' LIAR! If you stump both the hosts, you win two prizes, if you stump one of the hosts, you win one prize. If you stump NEITHER of the hosts... you still win a prize.
  • Guessing Weight- On Friday mornings, DJ & Aaronee take a caller and ask them very simple questions about their life. After 90 seconds, they'll take a guess at how much you weigh. If the hosts are within 5 pounds of your weight, they win! You win a prize either way. Listeners can also text in what THEY believe the callers weight is, and if they're the closest guess, they win a prize.
  • What's That Movie?- All things movies. A quote from a movie, a song from a movie, characters from a movie, first caller to get the correct answer wins!
  • attachment-492EA738-B463-4215-82A3-74EC57B9CB93
    attachment-typorama 40

    Games are played around 7:40am each morning!

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    EW: Southern Utah Candles That Will Make You Gag Or Smile

    attachment-Southern utah smells

    If you're from Southern Utah and you've moved away, I've got the perfect gift for you! A Candle that reminds you of home. With Southern Utah Candle Co., you can have some of the most famous smells of Southern Utah right in the comfort of your own home!

    Here are the TOP candles inspired by Southern Utah smells that you can have today:

    Staheli Family Farm:

    attachment-Staheli candle

    It's the smell of Autumn in Southern Utah! The Cow poop, the alfalfa, the pumpkins, the corn, the dirt. MMM! Imagine walking into your house and you feel like you're at the farm!

    Sue's Pet Castle:

    attachment-sues pet castle candle

    It's a mix of dirty animal, and fish tanks, and puppy breath. Maybe the most recognizable smell in ALL of Southern Utah. Who wouldn't want their house to smell like Sue's Pet Castle?

    La Verkin Hot Springs:

    attachment-la verkin candle

    Every time you cross that bridge in La Verkin, you always ask "Alright, who farted?!" No... It's not fart. It's nature! The Hot Pots can fill your home!

    Inside Deseret Industries (The D.I.):

    attachment-di candle

    It doesn't matter what D.I. you step into, they ALL smell the exact same! It's actually kind of incredible. But you don't need to go to the D.I. everyday to get your fix. You can buy this candle and get the smell right in your living room everyday!

    Casablanca, Mesquite!:

    attachment-casablanca candle

    I'm not even joking when I say that I LOVE this smell! The smell of a casino is smokey, but they try to cover it up... it just smells like WINNING! I love it!

    Washington Cotton:

    attachment-cotton candle

    Possibly the most normal candle on the list, the Cotton in Washington City! Have you ever driven down Telegraph and the cotton is blowing off the trees? It looks like a winter wonderland. It's awesome!

    Dixie Round-Up Rodeo:

    attachment-dixie round up candle

    It's my favorite time of the year! Rodeo time at the Sun Bowl. Cow poop, dirty animals, hotdogs, and nachos! Your house will be the BEST SMELLING house on the entire block!

    Red Fort Cuisine of India:

    attachment-red fort candle

    Your house can smell like one of St. George's most FINEST restaurants: Indian Food! Have you ever had someone reheat Indian Food in the microwave at work? It's awesome, and your house can smell just like it!

    St. George Red Dirt:

    attachment-red dirt candle

    My sister Tara is OBSESSED with the smell of the Red Dirt here in St. George! As a kid, she would be caught eating the dirt. Still to this day, when it rains, she can smell the dirt and she starts craving it again! She needs this candle for her entire house to smell like RED DIRT!


    If The LDS Church Made THESE CHANGES... Attendance Will SKYROCKET!


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