Masks are making a comeback??? Of all the fashions in my lifetime that I DO NOT want to make a comeback, masks top the list!

High profile COVID-19 cases are all over the news in the last few weeks. With celebrities out of commission left and right, some businesses are thinking of bringing back the dreaded mask.

World Premiere Event for the Disney+ Original Series "Rennervations"
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Jimmy Kimmel canceled his live show for a new podcast after testing positive for covid-19. We was to appear alongside Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert to help raise funds for striking writers.

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Steve Martin postponed his Las Vegas show after testing positive. It was reported that even the first lady, Jill Biden, tested positive on Sept 4th.

People are still testing for the virus and some places are asking the public to mask up.
Get ready to hear those familiar buzzwords once more: mask up, get vaccinated, and if you're feeling under the weather, stay home!

Recent mask mandates as reported by Newsweek:

Auburn Community Hospital, New York

The hospital brought back its mask mandate just a month after announcing its end.

"Face coverings are mandatory inside our facilities, regardless of your immunization status," the hospital says on its website. "If you do not arrive with one or yours is deemed inappropriate, a mask will be provided to you. It must be worn at all times and must cover your nose and mouth."


Some employees at Lionsgate headquarters in Los Angeles are being required to wear masks after some cases were reported.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health "is requiring Lionsgate employees on the 3rd & 5th floors of our 2700 Colorado Avenue headquarters in Santa Monica to wear masks due to a cluster of COVID cases," Peter Wilkes, chief communications officer for the company, told ABC News.

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As the cold and flu season rolls in, coronavirus concerns are making a comeback across the U.S. If you are older or immune compromised, the experts are saying it's not time to let your guard down just yet. You can still check out a weekly update! WHO Update

So how does Utah stack up against the other states deliberating mask mandates?

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Rumor Control! While hospitals are prepping for an increase in COVID-19 during the upcoming respiratory virus season, the state, through the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, "has no plans—now or in the future—to enact a mask mandate in Utah or institute any COVID-related response activities such as widespread community testing."

I feel like a celebration is in order!

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