They say that there is no greater loss than when a parent loses a young child, with the future potential of that young life torn from their grasps.

Unfortunately, a Southern Utah family is dealing with that unimaginable pain and Southern Utahns are being asked to help out.

Young Noah Martin, the 5-year-old son of Stanley and Elizabeth Martin, drowned in a tragic accident while the family was on spring break.

The Martins are a family of 11 with nine children ranging in ages from three to 14, including young Noah.

A group of friends and citizens has banded together to put on a fundraiser for this family to help them manage the financial hardships that come with the sudden death.

In a letter from Phyllis Amosa-Sewell, Melissa Polu, Anja Kaonohi and Phoebe Maiava, the friends of the family plea for assistance:

"(We want) to help ease the heavy burden on the Martins, of not only losing Noah, but also the financial hardships with funeral costs. With the help of April Keil and Siva Pasefika, we are organizing a bake sale/silent auction/show benefit fundraiser. We are seeking individuals and/or businesses here in St. George. Will you be willing to donate to our cause?"

The pleas continues with this added message:

"As we aim to lighten their burdens financially, we also aim to lift their spirits through song and dance by our very own Siva Pasefika. All proceeds will go to the Martin family. We are hoping this will help to pay for funeral costs, medical expenses as well as what is needed to sustain them through this trying time."

Any donations can be made through the Siva Pasefika office (1025 E. Tabernacle) or by calling 435-668-7124.


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