The BEST Mantras for 2023!


1. If not now, when?

There will never be a better time to start something new. Stop putting it off for "timing" reasons. Take the leap and start a new hobby, change careers, mend a relationship. Now is your time! Get it. Tackle 2023.

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2. Be mindful, be happy.

So what does that mean? Just know where you are in life and be happy about it. Life isn't ever perfect. It can still be amazing at any stage. Find the positive and focus on that. Happiness is a choice.

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(Side note. Did you know Chili from TLC is now dating Matthew Lawrence? AHHHHH It's a 90' dream team!)

3. Live in the moment.

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This one is super hard for me. I am always planning ahead. I anticipate things. Sometimes I am proud that I can assess what will happen next and I miss WHAT IS GOING ON NOW.  If you are with your family, be with only them, not whatever thoughts are leftover from work, or anything else. Be in charge of your thoughts and narrow them down for the important moments.

4. I deserve a miracle.

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You DO deserve a miracle! But it might not be what you think, or come in the way you think it will. Put great energy out there and keep a sharp eye on all of the little miracles happening around you. If you don't look for the little ones, you might miss the bigger ones too. Looking for miracles takes practice. Get good at it.

5. I am happy, healthy and at peace.

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Repeat 5 times.

I am happy, healthy and at peace

I am happy, healthy and at peace

I am happy, healthy and at peace

I am happy, healthy and at peace

I am happy, healthy and at peace


Your brain is actually in charge and your body will believe what you tell it. Positive affirmations really do work! If you can jump in with both feet and repeat these with enthusiasm, you will feel better. It might feel ridiculous at first, but who cares when the pay off feels so good? Happy New Year. Go get it!



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