Monday afternoon, I'm sitting on my couch in St. George. Suddenly, I hear some noise outside. It sounds like someone yelling. Or maybe dogs barking? Maybe geese honking? After a couple seconds, I got nervous it was someone yelling for help. I opened my back door to hear better and SURE ENOUGH, I could hear someone yelling in pain screaming "HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

I could feel the adrenaline hit me. I could tell it was coming from the front of my house. I didn't have any shoes on, but I took off running for my front door. I opened the door and ran out to the driveway. I could see someone laying on their back across the street on the sidewalk. They were still screaming for help.

I ran to them, yelling back that I was there and everything was okay. They crashed on their electric scooter. They had blood running from their mouth and nose, and he was shouting that he broke his arm. I tried to calm him down and told him I was calling 911. He kept shouting, asking me where he was. He said he didn't know what street he was on or where he was. I talked to the 911 operator and within MINUTES, an ambulance was there. I sat around for a little bit making sure everything was okay. They took him to the ER. I believe he had a broken elbow, and a possible dislocated shoulder.

Now that you've heard the story, maybe you're wondering HOW this accident happened... He was riding his electric scooter on the sidewalk, headed west when his scooter hit a HUGE DIP in the sidewalk. This dip is a big cutout in the sidewalk for water to run to the street. There's no sign. There's no paint. There's no warning. It's almost impossible to see.

The guy said "I didn't even see it!", and I believe him. I've ridden my bike over that a few times, and every time you have to be ready for it. Below are the photos taken about 24 hours after the incident. The shadow from the trees are about the same as it was at the time of the accident. Notice how HARD it is to see that bump approaching. It's almost invisible. 

attachment-sidewalk 3
attachment-sidewalk 1

So now that you've seen the photos of this, who do you think is to blame? The guy on the scooter? The city, for not fixing this YEARS ago? If you ask me, I think the city is to blame. It makes me wonder how many injuries have happened from this dip in the concrete. I hope the city gets out here and fixes it SOON, so nobody else get's hurt.

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