The festival is bigger and better every year. I love the road trip to Tooele, Utah. I get to see the vast landscapes and the diverse climates that Utah houses. This 4 day festival has plenty of fans from all over the U.S. come together to have a giant party.


Check out our fun coverage on our facebook page here :@Cat Country Utah. The pool is open and there is more camping than ever. Check out some of these options:

Pics of camping at Fan Fest-


There were several options for camping. Trailers, RVs, Yurts and Tents. 


The booths are fun to peruse. I always get at least one band/artist t-shirt or sweatshirt. Here is what I got this year! :


I am not quite sure why there aren't better options for a lot of artists for t-shirts......

OH MY GOSH THE FOOD! How they get this many amazing food booths in one area is awesome! I want to try everything but I am trying not to gain 500lbs. I settled for one meal per day to enjoy. Here is some of the delectable treats I tried.


All of the nachos I tried were awesome! I really wished the second set had jalapenos tho....


Fish and fires with all of the toppings/dips you could want. ♥


My husband got a buffalo burger and he let me have a bite. It was soooooooo good. Plenty of pickles on it too. hahahah


The entertainment is top notch as usual and I cannot believe that I get to see this many amazing performers in one place. (For a complete list check out this article: Country Fan Fest 2023)

Check out some of these artists right here in our Utah backyard:

I didn't get a good pic of Scotty McCreery but here is a sample of him singing, "5 More Minutes." ♥


Cody Johnson had the biggest audience BY FAR. At one point in the night they reported over 25 thousand people there! it was crazy packed and so much fun. The energy was awesome. 


Ian Munsich was fun and upbeat but had to get off of the stage half way into his set because of high winds. He did get to come back on for a few songs and he had a great attitude.

Pic of Ian Munsick by Jeremy Garner
Pic of Ian Munsick by Jeremy Garner

Hardy is who I was waiting for and he came on a little late because of the high wind set back. He played a bunch of stuff that only die hard fans would know. We were seriously 6 songs in before he played something my husband recognized and fans started leaving in droves. It was sad to see. I still got to hear "Rednecker," so I was happy.


On his encore, Hardy came out in a Jazz jersey and everyone cheered. It was a great nod to our state pride.

Most of my pics didn't show up too well but I have some blurry ones to help me savor the memories.♥

Country Fan Fest is pricey for my budget so I have to save up for it, but if you love live music and enjoying people watching this is totally worth the drive. That was a ton of excellent top tier entertainment packed into 4 days. If you can, plan to come next year, even if it is only for one or two days. It really is a blast. ♥

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