The items that Deseret Industries, (the DI)  will NOT take. File this article so you have if for your next trip to donate.

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If your yard sale did not go as planned, bless your heart.

How many times has this happened?

You spend all day loading up your car with everything you never should have had in your house and then you get to the DI just to be told they won't take half of your donation. So frustrating!!! I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to do the right thing and donate instead of just putting out with the trash to fill up the land fill. Why wouldn't they WANT to make money off of the stuff I bring? It's their business and they have their reasons. So I will just learn to calm down and follow their donation rules. There are some pretty standard rules of what you can donate and what the DI will not accept.

This one seems like a given but hey, you gotta be specific....

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NO Food or Left Over Medications. Zero. Even if the food is packaged and unopened. You need to take all fresh, packaged or canned foods to the food pantry or shelter. For drug disposal, call the Washington or Iron County Sheriffs Offices for drop off details.


The DI cannot accept anything that is WET or MILDEWY

Eeeeeeew. I can't even imagine trying to drop off my pile of slop, and driving away. If your donation pile has been sitting outside for months, it is probably disgusting. So, just call it a loss and put it out this the trash.

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Hazardous, Chemical or Flammable products

Don't make anybody call hazmat! There are some things that are prohibited by federal, state or local laws. Usually these items are in the hazardous products category. It may seem really nice to want to pass on the fertilizer you didn't use or the chemicals you used to clean your driveway and garage floor or your paint thinner, but these are a no-go for donations.

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 Large Appliances and some Electronics

No matter how much you complain or yell, they won't take your donation of these items. This list is quite long and there is no explanation found online. Just know if you show up with these items you will be turned away and you will feel like you've wasted a ton of time. NO stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, watercoolers, water heaters, air conditioners, trash compactors, CRT TVs, CRT computer monitors, and rear-projection TVs

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Fire Arms and Ammunition

This is another one that I thought was common sense but I can now see why some people might not know why you can't take it to the DI. They could make a ton of money on donated ammo and firearms!

And the final no no.....

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Mattresses and Box Springs

Vomit worthy. There is just no way to make sure these aren't nasty. I shudder. They do offer NEW Mattresses and box springs but they do not take donations of these items.

The rest of your treasures you can load up and go get that donation receipt that will almost not help you at all on your taxes.

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