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Most people don’t think of St. George as an exciting place if they don’t climb, hike, or enjoy the outdoors.  

But the population is always growing, meaning that even non-outdoorsy people must enjoy something about the area. Outside of staying at home and binging Netflix, there are more businesses opening up every day to offer a unique experience or become a weekly visit for those not that interested in athletic activities.  

Here are a few things locals do besides hiking, biking and climbing: 

Open Mic Cafes 

A few of the local cafes and restaurants offer open mic nights where local musicians come and play their brand of music for the public to enjoy. Grab a cup of joe and some pastries and you and your friends can sit on couches and just vibe.  

One such place is Caffe Elevato. On Friday nights they also offer patrons the opportunity to do karaoke and partake in singing themselves.  


Though the nightlife in St. George is not prolific, there are a few bars downtown for those who do like to drink. Namely, Hive 435 Taphouse, Spiritual Cocktail Parlor, and Station 2. The younger crowd tends to gravitate to Spiritual while a mix visit the other two. However, if you’re expecting dancing or fun music you will be sorely disappointed as the bars are more just to sit and drink than anything else.  

Axe Throwing 

A popular attraction that many tourists and locals enjoy is axe throwing. At Smash Labs Rage Rooms or Phat Axe, people can get the weekly stress out by going ham with an axe. Maybe it’s the challenge or maybe it's getting to feel like an olden times Viking cutting down their enemies. Whatever the case, people seem to enjoy it.  

The Downtown Farmer’s Market 

This is a citywide favorite. Put on by Modern Artisan and Farm Co-op, anyone can stroll down to Vernon Worthen Park and check out local handmade goods. It’s a community that encourages all and even loves when dogs are present, its encouraged. There are food trucks, fresh produce, handmade jewelry, dog shops and yummy food to be found at the market.  

There's also live music and it’s held year-round on Saturdays. The number of vendors is constantly growing and the market is always bustling with people, dogs, and craftsmen. It has something for everyone and its limited walking.  

All these options are great for homebodies, not especially athletically enthused people and those wanting a mellow but fun adventure.  

Let us know what you like to do in St. George! 

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