How does a mall make a major comeback? What would take for you to roam the mall like you did in the 90's? Our local southern Utah mall is well on it's way. The stores that are already here or slated to come are Al's Sporting goods, Jay Birds Chicken, Lululemon and Kai's Sushi & Grill. But what would you add? We asked our listeners on Cat Country 107.3 & 94.9 and here is the amazing list of the top 20. See if you agree.

Nordstrom Welcomes Santa Back to its NYC Flagship for the Holidays
Getty Images for Nordstrom

1. Nordstrom- Moms mentioned that we need more options for dresses and for high school dances dresses for their kids.

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine Billboard Is Seen At Macy's Flagship Store During the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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2. Macy's- You can shop for the whole family in one stop at a decent price.

Hollister Co. x Sydney Sierota Kickoff Event
Neilson Barnard

3. Hollister- For the young, tiny things.

4. Forever 21- I am definitely not 21

Shay Mitchell Celebrates the American Eagle Mexico City Store Opening
Victor Chavez

5. BRING BACK American Eagle- Man I like their jeans. I need to try things on. Once I find my fit I can order on their website but they come out with new cuts all the time and I need to see how it fits or I waste money not returning things.....

6. BRING BACK Hot Topic- We just need one.

7. Express- I like the basic staples they tend to carry. I can wear them to work for meetings.

Adidas And Gap End Partnerships With Ye, After His Antisemitic Comments
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8. Gap- I love their fall clothes!

Nike Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations
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9. Nike - I really think we should have an outlet here. The outlets are massive tho. We could find somewhere to put it in the big ole parking lot.  It would have a ton of business.

10. Hammond Toys, Hobbies & Dolls- Something cool for birthday gifts for kids and kids at heart.

U.S. Consumer Prices Rose At Fastest Rate In 12 Months In March
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11. Urban Outfitters- Great combination of creative style.

12. Build-a-Bear- Or something for the kids to do. Maybe another Arcade?

A Look Inside London's New Flagship LEGO Store
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13. Lego Store- My son and daughter would freak out!

14. Fed-EX/ UPS/ USPS Drop off- This is a NEED. All in one place while I am shopping. YES!

15. Hobby Lobby- I've seen these as a large store at the end of a mall. It could totally work.

16. Hot Dog On A Stick- every mall needs one.

Los Angeles Restaurants Sell Groceries To Stay Afloat In Reaction To The Coronavirus
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17. California Pizza Kitchen- Delicious and fresh.

18. Panda Express- We need another one in town.

19. Orange Julius- Again, every mall needs one. I used to try to make the knock off version at home and it just isn't the same.

20. ANY phone supply shop that can actually take care of all cell phones.

I just want a place to have most everything IN STOCK or someone to say, "ooo, we don't have that in stock but I can have it here by Friday at no extra cost."

If we could make even half of these happen that would ROCK! I am excited for the local mall refresh. ♥

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