Costco is home to THE BEST LUNCH DEAL all of Southern Utah! You can't beat the hotdog and drink for $1.50! No way! Southern Utah desperately needs a second location, and hopefully that will come soon. Utah is currently home to 11 Costcos from North Ogden down to St. George.

But Utah is also home to the WORLD'S LARGEST COSTCO! It's a MASSIVE 235,000 square feet and located at 1818 S 300 W, in Salt Lake City, UT.


I went today and checked it out! Here's what I thought!

From the outside, it looks big, but doesn't look as massive as I was expecting. But once I got in, it just kept going, and going, and going, and going, and going. It was like the Energizer Bunny. Complete MADNESS!


Every direction I looked, went on FOR MILES! Every section was like... 5x BIGGER than the St. George Costco! More TV's, way more clothes, more food, more beer, more EVERYTHING! They opened this Costco in 1995, and remodeled and expanded in 2015! It would take hours to see EVERYTHING inside this store! There's not much you could ask for that this store doesn't carry!

Look how MASSIVE the meat section is! The aisles are long and there's SO MANY of them! So many freezers, it is unbelievable.


Once you feel like you've seen the entire store, you turn a corner and low and behold... there's MORE! Turn a corner again... MORE AISLES! It will make your head spin.

Even look at the Dairy Section! You could fit an entire Gas Station inside it. It's tall, deep, and TWO entrances. Plus, even a whole Tobacco section. Does the St. George Costco have that?!


And you can even get FULL animals of meat. Lamb. Pig. FULL BODY! WHAT?!


If you want to check out the WORLD'S LARGEST COSTCO in Salt Lake City, make sure you bring your walking shoes, and get ready to get your steps in. It's SO BIG! It's absolutely baffling!

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