The NHL is officially coming to Utah! More specifically, the NHL is officially coming to Salt Lake City! The Arizona Coyotes are no-more, but the name "Coyotes" is staying in Phoenix for a future NHL team. However, the players, drafts picks, coaches, and front office are moving to Salt Lake City to begin their new life in Utah!


So far, we know the team will be called the "UTAH" team, instead of the "Salt Lake City" team. Five applications were sent to the US Patent and Trademark Office for the new Utah NHL Franchise this week. It's safe to say these are MOST LIKELY the only potential names Utah will go with. Spoiler Alert... The Utah Yetis isn't one of them!


Utah Blizzard:

attachment-UTAH BLIZZARD

This is my #1 choice for the team. It makes beautiful sense for a team in the mountains in Utah. To outsiders, Utah is known for the sharp mountains, snow, and even the Winter Olympics. But what I love MOST about this is the use of the "Double Z's". In the past, Utah has been home to MANY things with ZZ's. The Jazz. The Starzz, The Buzz, The Grizzlies, St. George had the Zion Pioneerzz, and of course Fanzz, the Utah-brand sports store. The Blizz would fit right in.

Utah Venom:

attachment-Utah Venom

It's a strong name, but does it make a lot of sense for Utah? Here in Utah we have a few venomous insects like the Scorpion, Rattlesnake, Brown Recluse Spiders, Hobo Spiders, and Blister Beetles. But does that make a lot of sense for Utah? I don't think so.

Utah Fury:

attachment-utah fury

The definition of Fury is "Wild or violent anger", which is cool for a hockey brand, but I don't think it makes too much sense for Utah. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Utah. I really don't believe this has a chance of becoming the actual name for the Utah NHL Team.

Utah HC: 

attachment-Utah HC 2

I'm not absolutely positive what HC means, but I'm assuming it means "Hockey Club", which is SUCH a boring name for a Utah hockey team. "The Colorado Avalanche are taking on Utah HC", doesn't sound very cool at all. There's no way they choose this right?

Utah Hockey Club:

attachment-utah hockey club

This time it's actually spelled out, Utah Hockey Club. It reminds me of how terrible the Washington Football Team was after they killed off the Redskins name. With this being the fifth of five choices, I believe Utah will go with the Utah Blizzard. That makes the most sense for the area, and it's a cool brand. If they choose the Utah Hockey Club, we should all riot.

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